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1915 Second (Viktoria)

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I scanned the rendering of 1915 Second from Weber-Thompson guidebook.

No details yet. I will update asap as I find out more informations about this project.
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Is that a giant fir tree up top?!
^^ Me too! Its look so neat! Seattle need that kind of condo buildings so bad!
Like it.

They got a building permit a few months ago. A big firm like that might be able to start without presales due to their reputation. Just hafta want to.
This is roofline. Anything to break up flatness in the skyline. My question is whether a big Fir can grow large enough to grow thru that Hole!?
Even if not, it's an interesting design feature. I hope they keep the roof orange and don't wimp out and go for Grey (again) and again.
^^ I think they will pick up a fir tree from the forest and plant there just like some condo projects with huge trees on the rooftops in Vancouver BC.
^^Ive seen that building :eek:kay: I love this design, does anybody know the cross street?
Just north of Second & Stewart. The recent Regis low-income renovation is on the left.
OOOOOOO Thats a fantastic location! When is somebody going to fill that lot next to it on first? I think there was a proposal for it a long time ago but I’ve never heard anything about it. I think it was a sister tower to One Pacific Tower called Two Pacific tower.
Two Pacific Tower, a block north on Second, died when Basil Vyzis died at least a decade ago. In 2006 or so there was a proposal for a low-rise boutique hotel there. Recently they demo'd the old Commodore Hotel on part of the site, but only said something about wanting to figure out what to do with the land. PS, a lowrise is a good idea because the block already has two significant towers. A hotel makes great sense -- the location is ideal for tourists, and would also be good for many business travelers.
^^ Ahh I see... I rather to see bunch of skyscrapers to get built each other just increase the dense of the neighborhood.
That building looks awfully blocky for having been vested unde the new code. My understanding is that floorplates in the DMC can't exceed 11,000 sf above 85 feet
on second thought, the lot is smaller than I thought so they may be under the threshold. Goes to show that the standard is not adequate if tall and skinny is the goal

it's only 25 floors most 25 floor buildings are blocky
Wow, I'm gonna miss that beautiful warehouse in the middle of the shopping district!!
Garage actually. And yeah, that's one sexy bitch.
LOL. Thanks for the photos Crazy. I hope they keep Zanadu, I love that place.
1 - 20 of 320 Posts
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