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It's one of the most exciting threads I've seen on SCC lately!
So many quality architecture samples in those cities from less
known period.

Lock and load!
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Thanks Rascian for the fantastic thread and so much great architecture! :cheers: Dragisa Brasovan, the man who designed a building from the last post, also designed this master-piece!

The buildings of Parliament and Executive Council of Vojvodina (Serbian Province) in Novi Sad, built between 1936 and 1939.

And the flip-side block of the buildings dating from the same period:

Some more examples from Novi Sad:


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Juraj Denzler,
The Chapel of the Mother of God of Sljeme

Frane Cota,
Villa Deutsch, Šalata

Drago Ibler,
Villa Blažeković, Zamenhoff street

Martić street

Viktor Kovačić,
Slaveks Palace

Stock Exchange

Slavko Löwy,
Grunsberg building

Radovan building, Masaryk street

Drago Kauzlarić & Stjepan Gomboš,
Villa Spitzer, Novakova street

Ivan Meštrović,
Meštrović pavilion

Ivan Vitić,
apartment building, Laginja street
(actually from 50ies)

Stjepan Planić

Zadruga Napredak


Hugo Ehrlich,
the bank in vlaška street

Edo Šen,
Gundulićeva street

Ivan Zemljak, Elementary school on Selska street

Other places...

Otavice, Meštrović mausoleum

Split, Kaštelet

Raša, Istria

Gustavo Pulitzer Finali,
St. Barbara's church


Umberto Nordio, Vittorio Frandoli,
The Big Skyscraper

Raoul Puhali,
The Little Skyscraper

This book is recommended: Modern architecture in Croatia, 1930's


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Banco de Bilbao (1922)

El Arenal kiosk (1923)

Banco de Espana (1923)

Factory (1923)

Molinos Vascos (1924)

Central High School (1926)

Carlton Hotel (1926)

Holly Heart (1927)

La Rivera market (1930)

Apartment building (1932)

Brinas school (1933)

La Equitativa building (1934)

Aurora building (1935)

Deusto bridge (1936)

From 1936 to 1939 the Civil War didn't let the city too much time for new buldings. The 2nd WW didn't have any impact though...

Apartment building in Ercilla (1943)

El Tigre building (1943)

Aviacion y Comercio (1944)

Office building in Diputacion (1947)

Aznar building (1948)

Credits to the authors of the pictures!!

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Some unrealised projects from Belgrade

"Mitic" department store... It was under construction ( foundation were built ), but put onhold as WW2 spread across Europe. After the war the communists nationalised all properties of mr Mitic... The construction location is still empty.

"Teokarevic" palace- building of the wealthy Teokarevic family, it was approved and construction was suposed to start in 1940. After the war communists sent members of Teokarevic family to prison and nationalised all their properties.

The famous and very modern ( for its time) Terazijska terasa project of the architect Nikola Dobrovic from 1929.

"Srbija" palace- the building was under construction before the war and it reached 2 story when the war started. The communist finished the building during the 1950-s but they completely changed the original project.


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Czech republic - Ostrava

Some 20s and 30s architecture from Ostrava:

Bata department store (1931)

Reunione inssurance (1928)

New Town hall (1930)

Ostrava mines headquarters

banka Union (1929)

Česká spořitelna (1928)

KB (1924)

Elektra (1924)

Bachner department store (1933)

Angločeskoslovenská banka (1924)

House of art (1926)

k.u.k north railway headquarters (1939)

Brouk a Babka department store

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The KBC Tower or Farmer's Tower (Boerentoren) as it is locally known is an Art Deco Skyscraper built between 1929 and 1932.

Boerentoren, Antwerp
In the run-up to the 1930 Antwerp World Exhibition, the first European skyscraper was built in the center of Antwerp. The tower, constructed at a site which was cleared by bombardments during the first world war, was to be a monumental building, but one of the requirements given by the city council was that the building should not compete with the city's cathedral. A special council consisting of prominent architects had to give the approval before the tower could be built. Today, the requirement for not obstructing the view on the cathedral still exists in Antwerp.

Europe's tallest
At the time construction was completed, the originally 87.5 meters high tower was the tallest in Western Europe.
Boerentoren, Antwerp
The skyscraper was built after contemporary high-rise constructions in New York and Chicago. It was also one of the first buildings in Europe which made use of a load-carrying structural frame, also originating from Chicago. The tower has an Art Deco-style facade and contained several marvelous rooms with Art Deco decorations. Plans in the late sixties to destroy the tower were fortunately set aside and the building was restored between 1970 and 1976. After the restoration the tower reached a height of 97 meters.

Protected Monument
Originally the tower was built as a multifunctional building and consisted of offices as well as apartments. With the restoration, all the apartments were removed and the tower is now only used as an office building.
Also gone since the restoration in the 70s are the café on the roof terrace of the 10 stories high wings, a tearoom and a Beer hall. In 1981, the KBC tower became a protected monument.

The Boekentoren, (Dutch for Book Tower) is a famous building located in Ghent, Belgium, designed by the Belgian architect Henry Van de Velde. It is part of the Ghent University Library and currently houses 3 million books ry

Although the tower is only 64 metres high, it makes a huge impression as it is located on the highest point of the city called de Blandijnberg. Van de Velde designed it in 1933 to be the fourth tower of the city completing the famous three towers of the Middle Ages: the Saint-Nicolas Church, the Belfry and the Saint Bavo Cathedral. Together with these 3 towers, the so called "Tower of Wisdom" helped Ghent realising the dream the town had since it hosted the World's Fair in 1913 of creating a "Parade of Towers".

During the Second World War the tower was taken by the German army because of the great city view they had over there.

Currently fund is being raised for the necessary restoration.

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