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My 1st photo tour of toronto - Sunny April 9

Toronto - April 9 - Dundas Square, Cityplace, Queens Park

On saturday i took my new camera downtown to take some shots.

I started at the Bay and Dundas corner, just west of the eaton centre, which has many cranes hard at work.

Next up the ever evoleving dundas square ( dundas and younge, just east of the eaton center)

more cranes north of Dundas square

Now for Cityplace near skydome......umm Rogers center.
When done city place will be home to 20 highrise condo's, about 6 are done already

Future home of the other 15 or so cityplace towers

The first cityplace condo's

The new four seasons center for the performing arts

A shot at college park before queens park

In and around Queens Park to conclude

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