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2 Ossington Lofts | Prep | 5 st | Queen West / West End

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A new condo development called 2 Ossington Lofts on the northwest corner of Queen West and Ossington.

April 30

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Hmmmm... that was a nice little 2nd Empire building at one time.
What a shitty location. Why would anyone want to live there?
I'd rather live there than in a far flung suburb. Queen and Ossington is a great place to live...
close to lots of interesting places. You must make the trek downtown this summer and check out
some of these spots, DB. Downtown is not nearly as scary as you imagine! :)
What a shitty location. Why would anyone want to live there?
not a good idear to judge a neighoburhood by a photo (especially considering where you live is hardly photogenic)
What a shitty location. Why would anyone want to live there?
Not that it was needed, but more proof that you don't know this town.
A wonderful part of town. In the summer of '73 when I was an OCA student I worked in the nearbye building where MOCCA and Edward Day now are - it used to be a business called Convention and Show Services, and we put together commercial signage for places such as the CNE. I'd take the subway down from Yonge and Lawrence every morning and the streetcar across; past block after block of rather dull-looking, down-at-heels retail outlets with nary a trendy bistro nor a gallery nor an overpriced frock shop in sight.
Why would anyone want to live there?
Oh I dunno...perhaps because it's one of the trendiest of the "it" spots in town right now? I imagine they will be snatched up lickity-split by the hipsters.

I like the design...will fit in quite nicely with the re-designed CAMH project.

July 16

Now there is a large For Lease sign on the building?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm..... maybe the project fell through.
Was in the area today and the For Lease sign is now gone. Why did they put it up and now why did they take it down?
Demolition begins this week according to YongeStreet Media.
16 May 2010 update: demolition scaffolding going up around the building.

too bad they're tearing down that historic building. at least they're building something decent-looking in its place.
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