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#2 Pybus Road - 14F - Commercial - Sandton | Complete

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Thought I'd create a new thread, now that I've found this:

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That render is really deceptive though.. Its all stretched out. Here's a lekker shot from Infrastructurephotos of the site. Remember, Webber Wentzel next door is 7 floors above the podium :cheers:

The area is indeed looking awesome! We have an entire row of shiny new buildings, as seen in that pic I posted to the Sandton Discussion thread :cheers:

However, I do have a big gripe with the area.

Every one of these buildings needs a residential component on the top floors. Mixed use development needs to be made mandatory! While the area is alive during the week, the streets are a lot less busy over the weekend.
From Katherine:

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Looks like 1 more floor to go:

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Topped out, and glass has started:

Snapped while driving past:

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