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2 Wonders Of Qatar - NOMINATE - (7 Wonders of the ME & Africa)

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Hi guys, I noticed no one had opened this thread here yet, so..

Gilgamesh said:
Here's a contest they did at the European forums a while back, Let's try to choose the 7 wonders of Middle east and africa, I'll just copy guidelines and rules from their contest.


1- The wonders must be buildings/structures made by humans.

2- The structures must not be in construction!

3- Every subforum will nominee 2 wonders from their area (by voting) to the big final which will be held here later on.

4- The 7 wonders with the most scores in the final will become the 7 wonders of Middle east and Africa.

It's up to the forumers in each subforum to make the threads
1. with nominations
2. final poll

If a forum can't come up with atleast one nominees we'll just skip that forum!

Come on guys this is prestige!!

Keep it civilized.

It doesn't neccesarily have to be something old. It might aswell be a new building with impressive archi, which im sure Qatar has many examples of. :)
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i guss sheraton hotel could be one of these :hahaha:

lets c what the other guys would say
I nominate the Khalifa Sports City. It is officially completed, and is indeed one of the best sports facility in the Middle East/ Africa.
It's a shame that sports tower isn't completed yet. :( :)
1- Khalifa Sports City
2- Sheraton hotel
I'm gonna need some photos of these places folks.
OK Gilgamesh...

Khalifa Sports City

Sheraton Doha
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