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From the Daily News...

20 questions - and answers - on what's going on at Ground Zero

1. So what was wrong with the existing design for the Freedom Tower?

NYPD officials expressed strong concerns that the skyscraper would be too close to surrounding streets - as little as 25 feet away - making it vulnerable to a truck bomb attack.

2. How will the Freedom Tower be changed?

It will be set back farther from surrounding streets, less glass will be used in the lower floors and there will be a more elaborate system to screen vehicles entering the underground garage. But its symbolic height, 1,776 feet, will remain the same.

3. How much was the Freedom Tower supposed to cost under the original design?

$1 billion to $1.3 billion.

4.How much will the changes cost?

It's unknown, but it's a good bet it won't be cheap.

5. Who's going to foot the bill?

That's a matter of dispute. Developer Larry Silverstein is said to be looking for taxpayer help, but government officials are balking.

6. Who's to blame for all this?

No one is casting stones - at least not publicly. But the NYPD has said it has been raising security concerns for 16 months. It wasn't until an April 8 NYPD letter that the issue took on a new urgency.

7. Who created the existing Freedom Tower design?

Daniel Libeskind, creator of the Ground Zero master plan, and David Childs, Silverstein's handpicked architect, in a shotgun marriage.

8. Who will design the new Freedom Tower?

Childs will design it.

9. When will we get to see the new version?

Renderings should be done in a few weeks.

10. We all remember the groundbreaking for the Freedom Tower last July 4. But has much been done since then?

Major foundation work was scheduled to begin in February, with concrete and steel to arrive last month. But neither has happened yet.

11. When was the Freedom Tower originally scheduled for completion?


12. What's the new completion date?

2010 - at the earliest.

13. How many tenants have been signed up to move into the Freedom Tower?


14. But wait, that's not the only project at Ground Zero. When will construction begin on the new transportation hub?

This summer.

15.Perhaps more importantly, when will construction begin on the Ground Zero memorial?


16. That all seems so far off. What has been built at Ground Zero so far?

The $700 million, 52-story 7 World Trade Center is scheduled to be completed late this year or early next year.

17. How many tenants have signed up to move into 7 WTC?

One - Silverstein Properties.

18. How much office space will be created eventually at Ground Zero?

There will be 10 million square feet in five office towers. Some 10.5 million square feet of office space was destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001.

19. How much will the total redevelopment of Ground Zero cost?

$12 billion, so far.

20. How much will Silverstein get in insurance payments?

Up to $4.6 billion, though some of his nine insurance companies may appeal. Much of the rest of the money will come from loans, including interest-free government-backed loans. The memorial will be funded partially by donations.

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thanks for the list, it clears up some things!
I guess it's still early, but how many tenants do they expect for the FT, or even 7WTC?
I know that companies have been moving to midtown, but some are crossing back the Hudson... what a mess
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