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2005 modern seoul pics

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Wow...great pics! Seoul is indeed a very modern metropolis. That pic of the avenue is excellent! I imagine the view from the bottom must be breathtaking!
Tehran-ro is very facinating ;)

the second pic looks very dense ey? :)

anyways, top pics tectis
I agree with u. The avenue is striking. :dance2:
anyone notice the cathederal in the left side of the 2nd pic?
SUNNI said:
anyone notice the cathederal in the left side of the 2nd pic?
me, in fact i noticed that when i just opened this thread (by the way is that red steel structure?)
Looks nice. I like the hills in the background.
OMG!! Fantastic. In the 2nd pic that street is huge.
nice pics
Super dense.

(The same street as the second pic tectis posted above)

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Seoul Photos

As a regular visitor to South Korea, I was inspired and impressed to see these photos. Yes, Seoul is a world-class metropolis and offers plenty of attractions for the tourist interested in visiting there. That is why I consider South Korea one of the undiscovered gems of the Orient, and well worth a look.
For more photos of the Seoul skyline and other South Korean vistas, check this site:
I still dont know the name of that Cathedral.. :sleepy:
indeed, very impressive..... i heard SK want to move capital to other city? any conclusion yet?
great city! great skyline! modern and high developed! cool, I invite u to Poland ;)
Very nice pics, and the cathedral looks nice, just like the ones you'd find here in Europe.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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