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Out-run the Rat Race

The all-action Rat Race Xpress race has landed in Manchester

For most 9 to 5’ers, the rat race is the endless, somewhat pointless, scrambled pursuit of corporate city life. The Rat Race Xpress is also a corporate quest, but it’s just that bit more fun. It’s your chance to get your own back on the city that tries to tire you out on a daily basis, and usually succeeds.

Open to teams of three (over 18), 2007’s Rat Race Manchester Xpress will be packed with fast action, urban adventure such as parkour over vehicles, abseils down buildings, running through fountains and stunts in city centre offices.

You don’t have to be a member of the Fantastic Four to enter either. If you’ve ever fancied livening up your exercise routine, having a laugh in the process and a bit of friendly competition then Manchester’s Rat Race Xpress 2007 is there to be laughed at and beaten.

It consists of a three-hour checkpoint challenge, commencing at 1300. Teams of three navigate around Manchester’s streets, alleys, greenlands and waterways, racing on foot to accumulate the maximum checkpoints within the three-hour time limit. Teams have to be back at Adventure Base, Piccadilly by 1600…sharp.

Checkpoints include Rat Trap challenges that involve action tasks to increase your scores. Whilst there are no requirements for bringing bikes, snorkels or harnesses, you may get on a bike (provided), you’ll probably use a rope and you will almost certainly get wet. And at the end of all that you can come panting, sweating and cursing through the finish line to your cheering rat fans.

The challenges take place on Saturday 11 August with check-in from 10am onwards. The actual race is from 1-4pm. For the Rat Race Xpress, entry costs from £29 per person, or for the Rat Race Xpress- Business Class, entry costs £59 per person (3 per team) which includes a customised Rat Race t-shirt with your business name and team name on the front and back and a host of other goodies. There is also the after-party available to all Rat Race Xpress participants, which will be well worth finishing the race for, if nothing else.

If you would like more information on Rat Race please enter your details into the form below and a representative will be in touch.
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