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2012 London Olympic Games

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Time to create a 2012 Olympic Games thread to track Olympic news, Chinese athlete preparation and game performance.
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^^Oh what can i say, karma, koreans.

IN YOUR FACE tawhwan park!
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I honestly cant stand the Koreans anymore, every single one is whining on the FB like a little biatch. This is getting so ridiculous, its happening every single olympics. All they know is to protest and appeal, just fkn get some skills.

See thats another reason why i hate them so much, they are just so nationalist.
Here are just some of my perosnal feeds from MY ONLY FEW korean not-so-friends.

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^^Lol it is now pretty unusual to not see a South Korean complaining about Olympics (talking about badminton doubles).
You guys are so mean to the koreans. :eek:hno:

and i find out this post from the australian Olympic thread is also quite mean to a korean athelete whose name almost sounds like "Kim, You Suck". :nuts: :lol:
They deserve it, seriously, you know how their whole nation was accusing china of a conspiracy when park tae-kun or some shit was disqualified from 400m freestyle finals.

Anyways that has been posted on 9gag lonnnnnnng time ago lol.
Come on guys stop bashing Koreans. China is doing great and we should cheer it instead of worrying about irrelevant things. Medals are awarded by IOC regardless of complaints by Koreans or anyone else.
You have to be Chinese to understand, they give us so much shit.


Also i saw on Weibo today, someone commented that if China really had the drug to make Ye perform this well, we (China) would have used it on our football team long time ago.
^^I dont really understand what you have just said lol.

But i think the problem is that they have WAY too much national pride, just like the North Koreans, but not as extreme.

Yep. He reminds me a Zhang Yimou's movie actor
("Curse of the golden flower")

They are from the same part of China, Fujian people are easy to recognise. I have a friend from Fujian and he actually looks exactly like Lin Dan
3 words: SO FKN INTENSE!!!!

i thought we were gonna lose at 16-18
^^So where is the next 20 gold gonna come from? I dont think China will get 50 this time.

^ Yea, Lee Chong wei is very gentle and cultivated and keeping a low profile as always.
I like the way how he keeps the emotions to himself, but then Lin Dan i think is pretty adorable the way he acts when he loses/wins a point.
The funniest thing is some diver from yesterday's 3M dive was wearing Li Ning AND ITS TEAM USA!!

Kobe's 2nd and possibly last Olympic Gold medal.

Lol for charity? More like for personal fund raising :lol::lol:
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