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2014 RyukyuRhymer's China Town in Kobe

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Japan has a few "China towns" and these are usually found in historical treaty ports (ports in Asia that were opened..sometimes by force, to international trade).

Japan had 7 treaty ports. China towns can be found in some of the.. the most famous being Yokohama, Nagasaki, and Kobe.
You can also find influence from other countries in these ports such as Spanish, English, Dutch, etc. Kobe has both a section with a china town and another with a European town at Kitano Ijinkan.

East asian style buddha and gate

A vending machine. Usually images of China in Japan can be stereotypical (pandas, girls in qipao, kung fu, etc)

Chinese came to Japan in different waves. The early ones (the ones who helped established these communities) are for the most part, completely assimilated. I once dated a Chinese-Japanese girl. no one in the family spoke any form of Chinese and they had adopted Japanese names. There's also a more recent migration of Chinese who are looking for jobs in Japan, either temporary or as new long term residents. Usually these people are multilingual and tend to work more up front and are in charge of every day operations but don't own it

there used to be a pig garbage can here

Some of the food. I used to like Chinese food, until I went to China and Hawaii where its quite different. Many Japanese have a very limited knowledge of what Chinese food is. It mostly revolves around fried rice, ramen, ebi chili, and mabo tofu. There's very little distinction between the regional varieties of Chinese cuisine. Secondly most of what is sold is actually Japanized Chinese food. In other words.. these things are as Chinese as Panda Express is in the US.
The Chinese don't really have ramen, the mabo tofu is made differently, ebi chili in Japan is more tomato based, and gyoza is prepared differently. The nikuman *steamed buns, have different contents.

I think the prices are quite high for what you get

There are quite a few LDP supporters here
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I haven't eaten in many china towns in JP but I generally haven't liked the food much in them and they were overpriced.
I ate my first dim sum in Kobe Chinatown. It was OK. Yokohama Chinatown is much better for the food.
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