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Now this one is Going to be Special since it will commemorate the 100 years of WC... Asia and South America. assuming that this WC will be a 40 teams based

Potential Bids

1- Uruguay
2- Chile
3- China
4- UAE

i am interested in UAE potential Bid

1- United Arab Emirates

1. Abu Dhabi
2. Dubai
3. Sharjah
4. Al-Ain
5. Fujairah
6. Ajman
7. Umm Al-Qwain
8. Ras Al-Khaimah

Host City Population Language Expected (Population by 2020)-Time Zone

Abu Dhabi 1,420,000 (2012)Arabic, English- 2,500,000 UTC+04:00
Dubai 2,214,000 (2013)Arabic, English- 3,500,000 UTC+04:00
Sharjah 946,000 (2013) Arabic, English- 1,120,000 UTC+04:00
Al-Ain 631,000 (2012) Arabic, English- 880,000 UTC+04:00
Fujairah 192,000 (2013) Arabic, English- 210,000 UTC+04:00
Ajman 237,000 (2009) Arabic, English- 290,000 UTC+04:00
Ras Al-Khaimah (231,000) 2010 Arabic, English- 280,000 UTC+04:00
Umm Al-Quwain (70,000) 2013 Arabic, English- 100,000 UTC+04:00
Total:14,000,000 Million by 2020 and 20 Million by 2030

Stadiums: 14

1.Abu Dhabi: 4 Stadiums

1-Zayed Sports City Stadium 43,000 expanded to 85,000
2-Baniyas Stadium( Baniyas SC) 10,000 expanded to 40,000
3-Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium(Al Jazira SC) 42,056 expanded to 55,000
4-Al-Nahyan Stadium( Al Wahda SC) 12,000 expanded to 45,000

2. Dubai: 4 Stadiums

Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium( alShabab FC) 18,000 expanded to 45,000
Zabeel Stadium(al Wasel fc)18,000 expanded to 55,000
Al-Maktoum Stadium (al Naser fc)12,000 expanded to 47,000
Rashid Stadium (alAhili fc) 12,000 expanded to 65,000

3.Sharjah: 1 Stadium

Sharjah FC Stadium
45,000 (New Build)

Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium (Al-Ain fc) 25,000 expanded to 55,000

Fujairah Club Stadium
41,000 (New Build)

Ajman Stadium
(New Build) 42,000

7.Ras Al-Khaimah
Emirates Club Stadium
(New Build) 45,000

8.Umm Al-Quwain
Al-Arabi Club Stadium
(New Build) 37,000

Venue-specific team hotels and venue-specific training sites

Each City will be a base for 40 teams in total :

AD: 10 teams with their clusters
Dubai: 10 Teams
RAK: 4 Teams
Ajman:3 Teams
UMQ: 3 Teams
FUJ: 3 Teams
SHJ: 3 Teams
ALA: 4 Teams

Accommodation (Hotel Numbers) estimations

2013: 2020: 2030:

AD: 113 AD: 350 AD: 550
DBI: 550 DBI: 1000 DBI: 1500
SHJ: 68 SHJ: 150 SHJ: 250
ALA: 15 ALA: 40 ALA: 110
RAK: 26 RAK: 50 RAK: 150
UMQ: 10 UMQ: 30 UMQ: 70
FUJ: 17 FUJ: 50 FUJ: 150
AJM: 22 AJM: 50 AJM: 80


AD 120 KM 1,2 HR ----- ------ 184 KM 1,2 HR
DBI ---- ------- 120 KM 1,2 HR 55 KM 36 mnts
SHJ 55 KM 36 mnts 184 KM 2 HR ------ ------
ALA 145 km 1,35 HR 161 KM 1,4 HR 120 KM
RAK 132 KM 1,20 HR 250 KM 2,30 HR 96 KM
UMQ 88 KM 1 HR 205 KM 2 HR 38KM
FUJ 140 KM 1,20 HR 256 KM 2,45 HR 113KM
AJM 65 KM 45 mnts 182 KM 2 HR 25KM


DXB: 90 M PAX by 2019 connected with more than 200+ cities
AUH: 35 M PAX by 2025 connected with more than 120+ cities
SHJ: 20 M PAX by 2030 connected with more than 70+ cities
DWC: 120 M PAX by 2050

Inter City Buses System (operational)

Taxi and Driving (Maximum Driving distance is 4 Hours with the traffic)

2018-2019 Rail Passenger Transportation Available between the 7 Emirates

Metro and Tram
Dubai : Metro and Tram Lines
Abu Dhabi: by 2020
Sharjah: by 2025


June and July

Dubai and AbuDhabi : Avg is 42 C
Northern Emirates : Avg is 35 C (RAK and FUJ)
SHJ, UMQ, AJM: Avg is 42 C
Al-Ain: 35 C

*** Tourists Have Visited UAE in the Summer Season around 4 Millions (May to Sept) in the 7 Emirates 2013 *** HOT WEATHER not a problem :p according to tourism Dept in UAE

Air Conditioned Stadiums
is already operational in some stadiums and will develop this idea to Fan bases and Squares will maintain the degree around 25 C

Football Legacy
all of the stadiums will be used by clubs unlike qatar

Alcohol & Dress Code
Available in bars and Night Clubs and no Enforced rules over what to wear and unlike qatar UAE is an open country nothing more than couple of printed rules over malls doors on what to wear......

Human Rights and Workers

Way Much better than Qatar and the rules have significantly changed over the past 4 years and still changing

Israel & Gay Rights

Not a Major Problem and can be solved :cheers:

Media and Communications

one of the best TV Network in the MENA area and they have 2 Telecommunication Companies DU and Etisalat

Previous Sporting Events
A lot of Major Sporting Events hosted by the country and more to come

EXPO 2020

will show the power of this nation in hosting a big events and if ever countered a problem will be fixed ...

Please don't talk about:
1. Gay rights (a very old card)

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The UAE won't be hosting the World Cup after the debacle in Qatar. And all of those statistics cited above are padded by the fact that well over 90% of the population are slave workers. 2030 will probably be in Europe:

2014-South America
2026-North America
2034-Asia (or Australia)

Australia could host in 2030 though

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^^this special World Cup deserves to be hosted in a country with a rich football tradition, so I would host it either in Europe or in South-America. These are also the continents where all the World Cup Champions are from.

I think it will go to Europe, after 2 non European World Cups (2022 & 2026), it's time to for Europe again. I hope it will be England!

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Don't get too caught up in the symbolism of the 100th anniversary. The games celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Olympics were awarded to Atlanta. Besides, the inaugural World Cup was awarded to Uruguay because they were the best football team at that time. It’s not like soccer dates back to the Charrúa (as far as I know).

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Don't get too caught up in the symbolism of the 100th anniversary. The games celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Olympics were awarded to Atlanta.
Even as a metro Atlantan involved in the process I recognize we won that by default from every other candidate shooting themselves in the foot. We did the job, did it well and under budget, but Atlanta is hardly a global tourist destination.

You're right, though, that symbolic gestures won't mean anything if the hosts can't pull it off logistically.

Qatar, excluded, of course. ;)

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Do we really need this thread? Its 16 years away ffs you cant speculate this far in advance. Like Alexandru said use the potential hosts of future sporting events thread.

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the world cup 2013 will be in switzerland... venues may be: zurich, geneve, basel, lausane, lugano, bern, mm i guess..

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assuming that this WC will be a 40 teams based
What exactly makes you assuming World Cup finals will be bloated to 40 teams? It's already dragging at times with 32 of which many simply aren't competitive. More teams won't be helpful. Not to mention that 32 is the 5th power of two and therefore a favourable number for a competition like this.

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Michel Platini calls for 40-team World Cup starting with Russia 2018

The Uefa president, Michel Platini, wants to increase the number of teams competing in the World Cup finals from 32 to 40, starting in 2018. Platini, prompted by the Fifa president Sepp Blatter's desire to cut the number of European teams involved in the finals in favour of Africa and Asia, said his proposal would extend the tournament by only three days and would be "good for everybody".

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Platini wants the FIFA presidency and the 40 team world cup idea was specifically intended to get votes from non-European countries. Considering he expanded the euro to 24 teams and wants to expand the UEFA champions league to 64 teams I won't be surprised if it happens.

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^he hasn't got a chance to win, though. If you've read the reports from the FIFA congress that took place in Brazil at the start of the World Cup, you'll know why. :lol:
The strongest recent rumours are that UEFA are looking for someone new and fresh as their candidate, such as the Dutch FA president.

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Michel Platini calls for 40-team World Cup starting with Russia 2018
I had such high hopes for him when he assumed the head of UEFA, and it's been almost nothing but :picard: ever since.
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