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2175 Market St | 20 M | 65 FT | 6 FL | San Francisco | Pro

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May 31, 2012

From 76 Station To 88 Apartments At 2175 Market Street As Proposed

As proposed, 88 apartments will rise over 44 parking spaces and 6,500 square feet of ground floor retail at 2175 Market Street, topped by a 3,791 square foot rooftop deck.

In recognition of the years of work and input by the surrounding neighborhoods on recent rezoning efforts, 2175 Market is designed to be fully compliant with the Market & Octavia Plan, and will not seek conditional use authorization for additional parking, nor for formula retail tenancies. In response to the community’s preference for construction of inclusionary units over payment of the in-lieu fee, 15% of the project’s apartments will be permanently affordable.

The project endeavors to receive a LEED Silver rating for environmentally sustainable design. In order to achieve this rating, the project will focus on reducing building energy demand and consumption efficiency measures that include high performing fenestration and the use of Title 24 lighting. Additionally, the project will capture and treat 100% of the onsite storm water runoff through a stormwater infiltration system.
2175 Market Street Design: Aerial

Along 15th Street the project responds to the lower scale residential neighborhood by stepping down to 45 feet from 65 feet at Market Street. This 15th Street building is designed to relate to the height and material typology of its neighbors. The 15th Street frontage introduces stoops, generous landscaping elements and a distinctive entry point, promoting a neighborhood feel. Ground floor units are accessible via stoop entries, helping to activate and place additional eyes on the street.

The Planning Department's review will likely take 6 to 9 months, after which the project will head to San Francisco’s Planning Commission for approvals.

2175 Market Street Site

2175 Market Street Rendering
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Dec 4, 2013

A request to change the proposed use of the ground floor of the six-story mixed-use building rising at 2175 Market and 15th Streets from retail to restaurant/bar use has been filed, a move designed to permit Forest City to operate a "Market Square" food emporium in the 6,300 square foot space.

According to the Duboce Triangle Newsletter, "local merchants, such as a coffee store, a butcher, and a greengrocer, would each lease part of the larger retail space from Forest City, and provide to customers independent service from each with convenient access to all of them."
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April 21, 2014

This week, San Francisco’s Planning Commission is slated to authorize combining retail spaces two and three along Market Street into one 3,900-square-foot hall. And if the food emporium concept fails to materialize, a second restaurant would likely be established in the space along Market Street instead, along with a bit of retail space.
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