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27 Photos of Tel Aviv Street Arts

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I’ve used a lot of words to describe the street art that you can find in Tel Aviv—it can be anything from political statements to “cute” illustrations. Here are some photos of Tel Aviv street arts that I’ve found interesting enough to photograph, with some added commentary. I’ll be looking out for even more

in this link
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I've never seen Tel Aviv uglier. If this so-called art (and the attendant filth and garbage) were the only criterion, Tel Aviv would have to be the most god-awful ugly city in the world. Which I know if far from the truth based on the great photos in this forum, showing an entirely different, much more handsome city. I guess TA will just have to remain both ugly and beautiful at the same time.
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I agree. It is very very ugly.
For some reason many tourists find it beautiful and attractive. I personally met few.
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