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JP Morgan Chase World Headquarters
New York, USA

HEIGHT: 215m/707 feet
FLOORS: 52 floors
ARCHITECT: Skidmore, Owings & Merril (SOM)

was built in 1958-1960 for the Union Carbide chemical company.
The plans for the building on the full-block site between Madison and Park Avenues were announced in August 1955. The final plans for the skyscraper boasted eleven more storeys than proposed in the first studies in 1952, thus making this 215.5 m tall, 52-storey tower of steel-framed grey glass the tallest new skyscraper in New York City since the RCA Building had been erected in 1933. The Chase Manhattan Bank in Downtown Manhattan was the next tall skyscraper, completed a year later.

As a predecessor of the zoning revision, the massive soaring height of the building was produced by setting it back 17 meters from the Park Avenue side building line and eight from the bordering streets, thus producing a moderately-sized plaza and fulfilling the "light and air" requirement, and by building a 13-storey wing to the Madison side to allow the office tower more height.

Vanderbilt Avenue extends to the mid-block corridor part between the building portions, thus also making the building accessible from four directions. Due to the building's location on top of the Grand Central Terminal railway tracks, the entrance lobby with its elevators is located above the street level, reached from the street by escalators. (For the same reason, the columns of the 6.1 x 12.2 m frame were situated on top of the supports between the tracks, thus removing the need for beamwork to transfer the structural loads to the underground supports.)

The elevated lobby by Bunschaft's co-designers, Natalie de Blois and Jack G. Dunbar has a generous height of eight meters for various exhibitions, but the remoteness of the space from the street has not the least helped its popularity. The street level lobby is a plain open space dominated by the crispy red wall of the tower portion's elevator bank, flanked by the escalators. The paving is of gray granite, with a ceiling of white plastic. All in all, the building incorporates 111,500 m² of space.

The original sidewalk paving of pink terrazzo was removed after Union Carbide sold the building to the Manufacturers Hanover Trust bank in the 1980s, with the building undergoing also other remodelling. At the southeast corner was added J. Seward Johnson's Taxi (1983), a lifelike bronze statue of a man hailing a taxi.

The building is now the headquarters of the new Chase Manhattan bank, formed in 1996 as a merger of Chase and the Chemical Bank from opposite the street. (Another transaction merged Chase with J.P. Morgan of 60 Wall Street in 2001.)

The base:


XPC Fagua chinanuca
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oohh i want it in bogota 9/10

By Spirit
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Originally posted by Agglomeration


By the way, how much office space does the building have? After all' it takes up a whole block.
Approx. 560 000 m3 by volume. Thats the only data I could find.

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5.5/10 - A typical, bland box - the facade does a fair job of catching the light, but the tower is simply too bulky and boxy, and it looks like it's showing its age a bit.

This reminds me of the Seagram building in its general design, but the Seagram pulls it off so much better....

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I actually like boxes, but this building doesn't do anything for me.

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Originally posted by Liz L This reminds me of the Seagram building in its general design, but the Seagram pulls it off so much better....
Agreed Liz L.

The Seagram building completed 2 years earlier in 1958 is one of van der Rohe's best buildings
with its clear linear construction and is ageless with its sharp lines.

To quote van der Rohe "Less is more".

Chase W.H. is obviously from the school of N.Y.C.'s SOM
as opposed to Chicago's school of SOM.

JP Morgan Chase W.H. is remiscent of Melbourne's 140 William Street ex BHP Builidng
(BHP is a mining company in Australia),
@ 152m/500ft and was completed in 1972 but was
obviously on the drawing boards in the latter part of the 1960s:

**BTW JP Morgan Chase W.H. gets a score of 9 from me :)

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Sigh.....this design of boxes always makes them look grey and dull. 5/10.
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