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[2D] ArtFacade - 2D drawings of skyscrapers

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Hello everyone.
Many users of this forums know me like scale model maker. But also I create just time to time 2D drawings of skyscrapers and highrise buildings and have started this year new project ArtFacade. I have some ideas to make personal website for this project, make some drawings for free in any resolution but others for paying. I do not know exactly am I right or not, just my thoughts. Maybe do the drawings for money on request from users etc. Maybe attract other artists for the project. All these drawings you will never find on
I use CorelDrawX7, Photoshop 2015 CC,

Hope you enjoy it!

More drawings here in high resolutions.

Eaton Center, Cleveland, OH by Ilia Shvetsov, on Flickr

Dominion Towers, Denver, CO by Ilia Shvetsov, on Flickr
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As a graphic designer myself, I really appreciate how you use shading to express dimensions on a very flat and orthogonal image!
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:popcorn:By the way, I have another idea: to record the process of creation of a building. Something like time lapse video, a compilation with hundreds screenshots. I did not do something like this before, so hope it will turns amazing.
Dear skyscraper lovers :wave:. We all know about (it's not an ads). A couple of years ago they sold out all their posters with skyscrapers. I do not remember the prices and formats, but it does not matter. There was some demand for sure.
I want to see your thoughts about something. If I (someone) will make a real, non-digital, printed brochure (or an album etc.) with my drawings like in the first post of this thread, so would you like to buy it? For example, A4-format, 30-50 mat pages, colorful.
Please, write here what do you think about it. And also would you like to buy digital copy of a brochure or digital drawing of specific building? Or get free ;)

Maybe this is strange idea, but I have never seen something similar in internet before except skyscraperpage.

Thanks for any advice and thoughts.

ex by Ilia Shvetsov, on Flickr
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