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30-32 Lombard Street | City of London | 10 fl

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30-32 Lombard Street
City of London

Development Facts

Site: 30-32 Lombard Street, City of London, EC3

Developer: McKay Securities

Architect: ISG

Floors: 10

Office space: 7,674m²

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So I passed this site back in July when I was visiting London. Noticed there wasn't a page for it so voila. That was a few months back now and the site appeared to be prepped for construction, so I should imagine it's come along quite nicely. Any of you London based posters, let's get some photos up!
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I've been looking out onto this site for the past year! Annoyed I didn't start the thread now, we could have had pictures of the whole thing from the ground works up.
The previous building was a polished black granite modernist concave piece, which I thought worked quite well in juxtaposition with its earlier stone neighbours. Either it didn't offer the space required today or the CoL considered it too modern and out of place, so along comes a rather nondescript piece of... you guessed it..conventional stone and glass.
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This is a seriously boring and altogether underwhelming replacement for what was in fact a very attractive post-war modernist building. I'm amazed that there wasn't any intervention from C20 Society here. :eek:hno:
All these low rise City blocks appear to be the same - grid white stone (presumably Portland) with large punched windows and a glass attic - although not unattractive, hardly innovative as the previous building here was.
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