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30 Floors Up! - More Detailed Look at my new Crib!

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Thought i would share the view from my new crib, 30 floors in the sky!

Most of you guys know who i am .. thats why i bother posting TO stuff here..

I am very fortunate to have almost a 360 deegree view of the city!

in the day

Hope you all enjoyed what i see every day and night!!

Cant miss Hockey Central!

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I think I remember seeing the first pics you posted. Very nice views.
Holy what a view! I thought hotel rooms only offered it. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Very nice, indeed! I'm very envious. :)
You have the same DVD/CD/VHS rack that I have. Good choice!
sargeantcm said:
You have the same DVD/CD/VHS rack that I have. Good choice!
God Bless IKEA.. but im probly gonna have to buy another one in 3 years as that seems to be the life of IKEA Product.
Very nice, didn't you say your spot was right by a subway station? if so you got a reeal good deal. looks real comfortable too!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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