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Hemel Surati and Manek Holdings plan on building an 11 story boutique hotel that would incorporate the existing 4 story, 35,600 sq. ft. space office structure at 333 Union St. (directly across 4th Ave. North from the Fairlane Hotel). Parts of it would the new structure would be 11 stories, others would be 7 stories on top of the the 1954-era structure. There will be rooftop amenities including a bar, which might technically make it a 12 story project. Manek Holdings paid $3.85 million for the building in 2017.

No word yet on exact amount of rooms, which brand would be involved, when it will get underway, etc.

A March 25th will seek the bonus height with the Metro Planning Downtown CodesCommittee on March 26th.

More behind the Nashville Post paywall here:

More at NBJ here:

Adding 8 floors to the existing 3
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