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35-storey tower for 500 Sherborne. no other info

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Looks like Tridel was first and other developers have begun to follow.

The developer is looking for city approval to start construction on a sales office.
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Why do renderings often portray the surrounding area as something totally unrealistic....that makes it look like a condo tower in the middle of Algonquin park, not downtown Toronto.

I remember this...the base seems to be kind of a mess.
yikes... the base is pretty bad. This is going on that huge field next to the church with the dome, right?
The base looks like a concrete bunker, quite disturbing.
Hahaha, the base reminds me of those 1970's apartment towers. Maybe it's made to blend into its surroundings?:D
Horrible building btw, I hate it.
Wasn't this the building that you guys said it looked like a rocket ship and all. But it looks like they changed the design a little. It has height and all but that's about it. :(
"Why do renderings often portray the surrounding area as something totally unrealistic"

Suburban developer unaware people familiar with Sherbourne St (downtown dwellers) may like to see a more realistic setting? Or could it be its proximity to St Jamestown

The architect used the same base on 1 city centre (he must believe it to be one of his better creations)
Aside from the base i like the building simply because it is a little odd, which to me means different, from a lot of the current buildings going up. I like the fact that it has that tier with the taller half of the building on top of it, but thats my opinion. Who knows it could turn out ok if they change the base.
Looks like it'll end up looking like the bay Club.
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