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Really interesting. What software are you using? I like specially Quadrio Tower.

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Hello, guys.

Some last year's models... Part of them was required for my study, other were created "just for fun". Revit was used for creating models as well as SketchUp

Last study year's project for University conference.
Exhibition hall made of the sections of a hyperbolic paraboloid.
Кaктус;102174076 said:
Визуализация модели сетчато-линейчатого купола, на конференцию для проекта знакомой.
Course project of this semester - Light Rail Station. Made in Revit Archi.

Кaктус;109533619 said:
Можно сказать курсовой проект. Revit.

Визуализация шла 6 часов...
Last project "for fun". Complex of Residential buildings, 6-9 floors, for the whole city block.

Кaктус;109999473 said:
Секционный среднеэтажный дом, 6-9 этажей. Для квартальной застройки. Монолит+панель.

7461 - 7475 of 7475 Posts