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[3D] Beginner level modeling/rendering software for home animations

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What are the best (read as: easy, time-efficient) modeling and rendering programs for someone only interested in making simple 3D house animation videos based on floorplans? Not looking for more complicated and advanced programs like the typical SketchUp+Lumion combo, but really looking for beginner friendly, quick to use programs that are only good for the job I need done. Looking for the absolute easiest tools to get a wow-factor home animation done without having to spend hundreds of hours learning a program.

Thanks in advance,

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I was going to say Lumion until you described it as advanced. These programs are super easy if put some effort into learning them first. If you think Programs like Sketchup and Lumion are too advanced then don't expect to get any kind of wow factor animation.
Sketchup is the most beginner friendly 3D software IMO.
SketchUp is the best option. I'v created a number of models using SketchUp/kerkythea/photoshop.
I'v got hundreds of SketchUp speedbuilds.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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