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[3D] my bike city

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this is a double decker train (its not done, im going to have someone thats good with 3d models make it better) the bottom is where you get on and off and you put bikes there. the top floor is all seats. theres bike tunnels that go to the stops

these are buildings (im done with these with a bunch of help to make it look better) where theres bike paths all over

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got to have it match. still waiting to get some money and have a guy make it. i wonder if this train would work

heres the 2d image

a no car downtown with streetcars

i might make this city 3d i dont know
this is the one ill try and make 3d someday i think

this is better. the small lines are light rail trains. wish i was good at computers like all the other threads. i could have this 3d

bigger better one

i think im done with this. someone make this 3d. that would be hard.

pod cars version

i deleted those pics from imgur so heres the newest one

that one was deleted woops. this one has color and bike paths

another version

2d part finished now

hers one more

i like this more

every time i draw i make a new city. i like this even though there isnt pod cars

final 2d map i made yesterday
8 bit city 2.0

one last post

1 - 20 of 66 Posts
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