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[3D] ThatOneGuy's designs

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House for a veteran with PTSD

Renovation and expansion of this building:

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Very nice modernization of a worn old building. I especially like the interior design with all the curves, even though it might be a bit unpractical in someplaces. What software did you use for renders? I think this model would deserve a bit better renders. Great job on the model anyways!
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It was designed mainly to feel organic and connected to nature rather than be purely functional, since there was enough space to sacrifice some practicality.

I used the built in Revit rendering system. This was a crit project so I didn't have time to make really high quality renderings unfortunately. I might make some later.
Hotel and Spa in Kitchener

Facade retention of existing heritage building

Street View


Atrium and staircase to patio, and below to basement spa


Basement spa

Behind the green wall (sauna rooms)

Hotel hallway

Hotel room

Penthouse Suite

Penthouse Suite 2
Old and new work very well together. I love the staircase!
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Kormann House

Restoring and extending the derelict Kormann Hotel and the neighbouring building at 120-122 Sherbourne St in downtown Toronto. Built using cross-laminated timber rather than steel or concrete

Some renders from my thesis project!

Basically the objective was to make an abandoned post-industrial site bordered by a freeway, canal and train yard into a safe and comfortable park.
The building is a library and work space, with a cafe, art gallery, rowing club and event hall, and designed to block off the highway from the park.
You can also climb up on the green roofs.

The current site: Uninviting and full of garbage

My design:

That's really cool actually!
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Reworked that second-year mess from the first post.


Inspire your talent, friend and seek the unknown that meets the feasible.
Vault House, based on the logo you see in the corner

Design for a summer house in the Icelandic countryside. The idea is to maximise space with as little disruption of the terrain as possible. Cantilevered on a concrete plinth with a CLT and steel frame. The angular shape is inspired by the volcanic rock formations throughout Iceland. The green roof and charred timber siding are traditional practices in Icelandic architecture. Still working on a few more renders for this.

Personally I think it would look better without the sharp edge, for example if the last ~2m of it were removed. Interesting concept though.
The interior shot is great!
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Very nice "Star Wars shape"! I also like the interior a lot.
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Renders from my latest M.Arch project, a net-zero emissions CLT frame office building in NY with a rooftop park. Ductal UHPC cladding with recycled concrete aggregate.

Restoring and extending the derelict Kormann Hotel and the neighbouring building at 120-122 Sherbourne St in downtown Toronto.
Hi I am a 4th Student at OCAD and working on the Project on Kormann Hotel. I am so submit me proposal to my professor with possible resoration ideas at this site and am desperately looking for the existing plan . Any help /
suggestions will be much appreciated .
Unfortunately I didn't use a plan and wouldn't know where to get one, or if they even exist.
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