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3G iphone officially available in Jordan

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Apple tonight unveiled the 3G iphone and it will be officially available through Orange :banana::banana:, Jordan and Qatar will be the first countries in the middle east where the iphone will be available later this year

the new iphone comes with new features including GPS and more importantly at an unbelievable price 200$ :eek:mg:
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Are you serious?! They are selling it for 200 USD IN JORDAN?!
200... yeah right , its most likely on a plan
and outright iphone in Aust is over 700 AUD to get one on a Plan is 242 AUD, plus I've herd there not all that craked up to be.
Its not available yet, apple's website still displaying (coming soon) in Jordan through orange, and 200USD will probably be on a plan
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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