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Here are 4 panoramas of the Tel-Aviv area taken by me this weekend with my new Canon Digital Rebel XT

#1- From the 'Napoleon' hill in Ramat Gan, you can see
Central Ramat-Gan in the left the Diamond exchange
district of Ramat Gan in the middle and north-central Tel-aviv
in the right:

#2- From a roof in Givaatayim, wide zoom, Tel-Aviv in the
left, Ramat Gan and Givaatayim in the center, Bene-Berak,
Petah Tikva, and Giva'at Shmuel is visible in the right:

#3- From the same spot, zoomed in, this pan was made
out of 16 photos, it was hell to stitch and edit it with my
lazy PC, and after all it turned out to be my least favorite of
those 4 pans i took, but anyway, you can now spot some
Metropolitan towns and cities around and the
Juda&Samaria mountains are a bit visible glared in the right:

#4- now this is my favorite i took yet, from
the 'Kazolevsky' hill in Givaatayim, you can see the Tel-Aviv skyline:

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