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What's Your Favorite Season In the City?

  • Spring

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Summer

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • Fall

    Votes: 5 50.0%
  • Winter

    Votes: 3 30.0%

4 Seasons - City At It's Best

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Don't ask me how I came up with this thread idea or why, it just popped into my head as I was browsing the forums. Anyway, when is the city at it's best for you? It's more of a personal preference of during which season do you enjoy the city the most.

Spring - Weather warming up, flowers blooming, allergies are looming. Lots of rainy days, but mild temperature and you could just smell summer around the corner.

Summer - Everyone's out and all happy in their short shorts, lots of tourists visiting and you got those long humid days sometimes which ruin the skyline shots because of the smog. The days are longer, which is a good thing. Gotta love baseball during the summer too. Plus, vacation time!

Fall - Temperatures becoming more comfortable again, the leaves are changing colors and dropping. Gotta love the fall sunsets for skyline shots.

Winter - Absolute best time for pics as the sky is so clear and all that the details of the skyscrapers are visible. You have the holiday season which is the best in the city with all the music, decorations and all. Short days and cold days ruin it though.

What's your choice?
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Can't say firsthand, but I'd have to guess Fall....with the colors in CP and all...
Tough Q.

I love it in the winter, right after a big snow when it seems like the City takes a pause. Those images of Central Park after a fresh snow are so wonderful.

I love the spring when things are just starting to bloom. The air is still kind of crisp, but it seems like everyone is waking up and the parks are starting to fill up again.

I love the summer when a lot of my favorite city activities happen-- HBO movies at Bryant Park (with the requisite HBO dance), salsa and swing at the Lincoln Center, images of street kids playing with opened up fire hydrants in the neighborhoods...

I love the fall and the colors of the fall. I love when Central Park is all orange and I also love the beginnings of the layered clothing season (I like my outerwear).

I can't decide!!!
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I voted winter.
I prefer cold weather over hot and humid.
Though Fall comes close second, I just don't like the fact that daytime is diminishing
Fall (from a onetime experience :D)
Although spring could be good to
Any season is good, they all have their pros and cons.

Winter... Skating in Central Park and Rockefeller Center, seeing all the windows dressed up for the holidays.
Spring... Everything starts to bloom, weather is warmer more people are out
Summer... All the hot chicks are out in their skimpy outfits, Central Park is teaming with humanity
Fall... Weather is nice and cool, the foliage in CP changes... has that romantic type of feel to it.
spring is good because the weather can be its best.. everything is in bloom, the trees along the streets have their funky colors.. but i didnt pick this one
fall is great because .. well actually i hate this month we almost never have a full fall in new york.. i didnt pick this either.
Winter is great!.. X-mas time in nyc is the best.. Then theres new years and valentines.. all done right in new york.. but i hate snow.. i didnt pick this one..
Summer time! there ya go.. the beaches over in Long Island.. The city is HOT HOT HOT... LOADDDDDDDDS OF THINGS TO DO.... the best parties.. all over the city... not just manhattan.... so im going with summer ....
oops fall is a season not a month.. gotta go back to work
fall. prettty good weather and nice views in CP as swivel says

btw why did u change your name? :)
^ cause I speel'd it wrong when I first joined up.. :D

I've been meaning to switch it over for awhile now..
just got around to it the other day though.. :)
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