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5 Major new warships for the Navy

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Great news for the Navy today, 3 new air warfare destroyers (DDG) have been announced and also 2 very large amphibious ships (LHD). Cost is 11 billion dollars which sounds like a lot, but defence projects often do (2 billion for 4 airforce jet transports C-17's for example), and as the minister has said it is affordable within our present budgets.

New destroyers, based on the Spanish F-100 class.
Hobart, Brisbane and Sydney

New Amphibs, at 27,000 tons they are bigger than the old carrier HMAS Melbourne (20,000 tons), and also much bigger than the 2 current amphibs they are replacing (8,500 tons).At present don't think they will have the ski-jump and fighters than the Spanish version has, but we can hope.
Canberra and Adelaide

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I think there will be a trial invasion of new zealand, operation 'steal their snow/water'
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