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5 most beautiful statues in your country?

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What are the 5 most beautiful statues in your country?
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The 5 that i prefer, in Italy, are the following:

1 - Il Cristo Velato (The Veiled Christ)

2 - La Pudicizia

3 - La Pietà di Michelangelo

4 - Il Disinganno

5 - I Bronzi di Riace

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1 De verwoeste stad The destroyed City" : Rotterdam

2 Thinker on a rock: Utrecht

3 Statue of Anne Frank: Utrecht

4 Adriaen de Vries Mercury and Psyche: Amsterdam

5 De Dokwerker: Amsterdam
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Statue of liberty
various confederate statues
rocky statue, i know in philly they move it around the museum but it should be placed on top of the stairs.
(I have to say that it's unfair to start a topic with the best sculptures, what we are suposed to show now, eh?) :lol:

1- "Els primers freds" by Miquel Blay: Barcelona

2- "David i Goliat" by Antoni Llena

3- "Sant Priop" by Xicu Cabanyes / Bosc de Can Ginebreda (Porqueres)

4- "Cúpula invertida" by Pep Admetlla

5- "La cançó popular" by Miquel Blay / Barcelona
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The Italy post pretty much closed the thread. How can any other place even compete? :lol:
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