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51-story in Las Vegas

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Check out our website for the new 51-story high-rise being developed next to the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

Called Vegas 888
You can check out it's website at

We are planning a trip to Dubai at the end of the month and want to share with developers our profitable and efficient designs
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This is great. I love Las Vegas. The women on that site are beautiful. :drool:
hm, nice website, cool intro. nice development too...

but hugh hefner drive ... :lol:
Like the tower, going to go great in LV.

Also like your other projects that you are working on. Any plans for Tampa area. I see you only have done big housing in Tampa. Maybe you can give Tampa or St. Pete something. ;)
Wild! :eek: Awesome looking building. Better looking WOMEN! ;)
Yep, nice tower.

And a fantastic website. They are not only a tower but a whole lifestyle.
BMXican said:
hm, nice website, cool intro. nice development too...

but hugh hefner drive ... :lol:

Yeah, last time I was in Las Vegas there was a Hugh Hefner drive but the street was empty or at least I didn't notice anything significant on that street.
From $750,000 to $10 million. not bad.

oh god that's sexy.
Great design,stunning interiors and by the way superb website with awesome background music.Giddy up.
AzN8oi said:
From $750,000 to $10 million. not bad.

thats a lot of money more than the average person can afford.
what I cant understand is why they make hi rise living so much more expensive then surban living when it takes a lot less resources and land ?
is it underconstruction?

Hope it doesnt get cancelled like a lot of condo is vegas recently.
I'm from vegas, the Vegas888 sales office is nearly finished onsite. With this project's location next to the hip Palms casino alone, I think it's a really good bet it will be built.

That is a main reason why I think they obviously played along with the glamour and hip theme in designing this condo.

Vegas 888 will be built directly in front of the palm's new tower (the blue one here). Sucks for the palms as their strip view will be blocked by the Vegas 888 tower, which is just as tall as the Palms is.

Vegas 888 and Core Group Marketing Host the New York Professional Elite at an Exclusive Cocktail Party and Presentation
Tuesday April 11, 12:00 pm ET

NEW YORK, April 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Vegas 888 ( and Core Group Marketing took over the trendy Marquee Club in NYC to present to an elite assembly of over 300 real estate, Wall Street and renowned media professionals. The event was an unqualified success, raising awareness, excitement and anticipation of Vegas 888 -- which will begin construction this year -- and creating both tremendous demand and excitement for the project's condominium residences.

The event, which lasted for over three hours, featured two presentations by Julie White, broker liaison for Vegas 888, detailing the deluxe amenities of the Ultimate Resort Condominium Residences in Las Vegas. Images of the ultra luxurious Penthouse Lofts, the state of the art multi level poolside Sky-Villas, the custom designed High Life Suites and the uniquely designed Pacific-blue glass 50 story tower building which will house them all were presented to an exclusive and enthusiastic audience.

Vegas 888's unique and sumptuous design was created to serve the most discriminating clientele, and many of the attendees were either potential buyers or their representatives. With breathtaking views, unbeatably lavish design and unparalleled style, it came as no surprise that the 800-8,000 square foot palatial residences will go for prices from $750,000 to $10,000,000.

As is fitting for such extravagant residences, attendees were presented with a gift certificate from Escada, a renowned fashion corporation and were shipped a bottle of premium vodka, from Siku Glacier Ice Vodka. Siku Glacier Ice Vodka, an ultra-premium vodka blended exclusively with pure, crystal clear ice from Greenland's Qalerallit Sermia glacier, which can be up to 60,000 years old, is meticulously crafted in small batches in the Netherlands and distilled five times from the finest quality grains, creating an exceptionally clean, smooth finish.

Vegas 888's commitment to 5 star resort services for all of its residents was clearly evident as, throughout the event and presentations, attendees were served top-shelf premium liquor and delicious fare that was highlighted by sumptuously delicious and attractive dishes.

By the end of the night Vegas 888 had established itself in the mind's of their exclusive New York audience as exactly what it is billed as; the Ultimate Resort Condominium Residence.

About Del American

Del American is proud to be one of the nation's top developers of multifamily communities. Based in Altamonte Springs, a northern suburb of Orlando, Florida, the company employs more than 60 people and has developed, over the past 25 years, award-winning properties across the United States. It is currently constructing in Spring 2006 the first phase of Vegas Grand, a $650 million, 994 residential Italian village located a mile east of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company has more than $1.5 billion in current development and upon completion of the developments in Las Vegas; it will have built more than 10,000 luxury multifamily residences throughout the United States.
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Certainly better than Trump's tower......
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