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6-8 Bishopsgate, London

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6-8 Bishopsgate
City of London

Height: 88m
Floors: 24
Built: 1981
Developer: Wacker Ingenieure
Architect: GMW Architects


- Stands in the centre of the financial district.

- There are plans for a 250-300m skyscraper, the DIFA Tower, on a neighbouring site to the north.

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5.5/10 Looks dwarfed with SwissRe and Tower 42 next to it. Boring facade
It's not terrible but boxy and dull.
nothing special but there are sme worse buildings from this period of time
at least it looks neutral

a bit boring
kinda dull, I agree, a good skyline filler though
I'm sure if only this building stands somewhere else other than London such as China or India, it would gain tons of "0".

For now, 7/10
1 - 20 of 75 Posts
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