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60 Years independence celebration pics

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Hey people, i was late a little, but here is a thread for the pics from the independence celebrations .so let's post!:cheers:
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Mashat and Matas in Ashdod

Here are some pics of the Mashat (parade of the Israeli navy ships across the Mediterranean sea coast) near the coast of Ashdod.

And are some pics of the Matas (air show of the Israeli air force) in the skies of Ashdod.

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nice photos...
thanks for sharing... more photos?
imperialismo nunca más! viva Palestina libre!
^^ ok deja las drogas q son malas, se nota tu ignorancia!!
no.. no mi amigo... no tengo ignorancia. y no odio Israel. odio los políticos de Israel y el imperialismo. protesto para esta nación (palestine). no soy fasist.
^^oh just shut up,puta!
^^ ok u dont like Israel. we get it. now go away.
Haters of Israel love death. Lovers of Israel love life. To Palestine and supporters of Palestine: Stop destroying and start building!
back on track.......
Post some pictures of Parties outside of Israel too :D
Come to Israel and spout your shit.
I bet nothing will happen to you and no one will care about you.
Because that is exactly what you are, and efes.
Pff.. Isn't this party over yet? Go home! :lol:
^^ If it made it into magen david..which i think it would, that would be nicer...

nanananananananananananananananana ZIONISTS! NANANANANANANANANANA! ZIONIST! (Batman Theme)
Best thread ever.

I like this one from Haifa!
Yes, it was beautiful. :D
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yes the laser lights in Haifa very beautiful
btw who performanced in Haifa?

in Netanya:
Ivri Lider,Ninet Tayeb,Margalit Tsaaaaaananni,Harel Skaat,Mashina,Sinergia,Idan Yaniv
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