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SoMa Rising: Designs For Nine-Stories And More Housing On Harrison
July 2, 2014

The plans to raze Ed’s Autohaus at 768 Harrison Street and construct a nine-story building with 26 residential units, nearly 5,000 square feet of office space, and a 600 square foot retail space adjacent to Cubix are making their way through planning.

As designed by Ian Birchall and Associates, the development’s twenty one-bedrooms would average about 600 square feet apiece while the two-bedrooms would be around double that size. The office space would front Rizal Street with a courtyard between the building’s two masses.

And in terms of parking, the project includes thirty spaces for bicycles and none for cars as proposed.

(The site)

(Harrison frontage)

(Rizal frontage)

This will be less than half a block off 4th St where the Central Subway will run and it will be only a bit more than a block from the Moscone Station. That's pretty prime turf. 9 floors may be a bit short (though it replaces something 2 floors and matches other structures on the block--it'll be in "context" as the SFPD likes to put it).
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