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8 people found dead in St.Thomas Ontario.

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I had no clue where to put this. I figured this was bigger than just the Ontario thread.
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I just read that on, but it said Shedden Ont. I guess im staying away from that area for a while. Its like something from a movie. (The hills have eyes?)
reminds me of Pig Farmer Robert Pickton . always trying to be like us in B.C. eh?
We shouldnt joke about this ... its sad , very sad.
Difference here is that the dead are all white adult males.
Its strange how they found all these cars with them.
That first picture reminds me of that episode of Family Guy, Lois' brother serial kills fat guys. Weird..

I'm sorry. I shouldn't joke about this. :(
Reminds me of that Capote novel I'm currently reading - In Cold Blood...
how were they killed?
could be gang related. We have to look at age , and back ground.
I dont see any beater cars. they , may have money.

from CTV
OPP Det.-Supt. Ross Bingley would not comment on rumours that the men were killed as part of a motorcycle gang turf war. The Canadian Press reported Saturday that Elgin County has some motorcycle clubs operating in the area, including the Hells Angels, the Bandidos and the Loners.

I think it is possable its gang style .

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All the men were from Toronto. It a gang thing for sure.
this is going to double the Canadian murder rate....... :sleepy:
Here's the latest.

Eight men all knew each other, police say

Canadian Press

Shedden, Ont. —

The bodies of eight unidentified men discovered inside several abandoned vehicles were awaiting autopsies Sunday after they were removed overnight from a farmer's field that's now the scene of the worst mass killing in Ontario history. None of the victims have yet been identified, but they were all known to each other and all came from the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario police Det.-Supt. Ross Bingley told a news conference.

"Obviously, we're not used to having eight people at one homicide scene," Det.-Supt. Bingley said. "(In) 27 years of policing, I don't recall that number of people at any one location, so obviously it's fairly significant." Det.-Supt. Bingley refused to speculate about the possible cause of death.

OPP Constable Graham also did not speculate on the details. "At this point, we're saying trauma, but the pathologist will have to decide the cause of death," he said.

The eight men were found dead Saturday inside four vehicles on a tract of southwestern Ontario farmland in Shedden, a tiny farming village of about 800 people southwest of London and south of heavily travelled Highway 401.

"The bodies were in and about the vehicles in that area," Const. Graham said.

The vehicles — a grey Pontiac Grand Prix, a silver Infiniti SUV and a green Chevrolet Silverado tow truck, with a silver Volkswagen Golf attached to the hitch — were taken to provincial police headquarters in Orillia, Ont., north of Toronto.

Well not a hell of a lot more info but what is with the tow truck? This whole thing seems weird.
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this is going to double the Canadian murder rate.......

HA , very true.
SHEDDEN, Ont. -- Police descended on a rural farmhouse known to neighbours as the home of a motorcycle club member Sunday, just a few kilometres away from where the bodies of eight men were found in the worst mass killing in recent Ontario history.
It's motorcycle gang related i'm 90% sure.
I want to agree , but there may be something else , motorcycle gang is almost TO obvious. I dont know to many Gang members that would drive a Volkswagen Golf . But hey, maybe .

look at this for instance

this cannot be his Car , he is way to big for that car...
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Not too small for the trunk though.
CrazyCanuck said:
It's motorcycle gang related i'm 90% sure.
I'm 100% sure it is. Hells Angels and other motorcycle gangs run a lot of shit around here like bars, strip clubs, etc. and are known to be rooted throughout the area. The bodies were also all found right by the house where one of the known members lives. Too much is adding up that points in the direction of it being biker gang related.
If it is indeed motorcycle gang related, then I say good riddance. I have no sympathy for these kind of individuals who do no good for the community.
Hopefully the murderers are caught and thrown away for good.
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