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Celebs object to redevelopment of Kings Road
Planet Radio | 2021
A number of celebs have spoken out about the redevelopment of a Marks and Spencer in Chelsea.

Felicity Kendal and Anthea Turner were among the thousand objections raised to plans to demolish a parade of shops in Kings Road and replace it with an office block

Kings Road Property Ltd, which bought the site in 2010, hopes to replace it with a five-storey block centered around an open-air courtyard. It would contain almost double the floor space of the current building, and include a restaurant, shops and leisure facility, as well as offices across its upper floors.

The firm said it is “committed to delivering a positive investment in the site and Chelsea”.

But The Good Life actress Felicity Kendal, 74, said of the plans: “This entire development is over-the-top and all wrong for the area. The King’s Road is all about character and individuality.”

Ms Kendal, who also spoke out against redevelopment of the Sutton Estate and TfL’s plans for a cycle lane through Holland Park, continued: “They cannot just plonk a huge office block on the side of the road. It will look a mess and ruin everything.”

Anthea Turner, 60, a former presenter of Top of the Pops and Blue Peter, said: “I use that M&S every week…

“The whole project is terrible and must be re-considered. The King’s Road deserves better than this monstrosity.”

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