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9 towers 40fl in Ramat Gan (Bursa complex)!!!!!!!!!!
חדשות מחלקה ר×�×©×•× ×” - Nfc: ×�פריקה ×ª×‘× ×” מגדל דירות יוקרה ליד הבורסה

Here is info about the towers:
1.Ehad Haam st.,Ramat Hashikma neighbourhood "Evacuation-build" project 6 towers 40FL
2.Hatzela st. 2 towers 40fl
3.Had-Nes corner Hasar Moshe 2 towers 15fl+21fl
4.Karinitzi-Hertzl corner a towers with 150apartments 30-40FL

Africa Israel says:
2008-starting of one of those towers
2009- 2 towers
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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