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The long awaited Part 3 is here
so were am i headed today south thats all i know

lets start downtown on portage ave looking west we can see the crane for the New Manitoba hydro office tower going up

witch is coming along quite nicly
some close ups as we pass by

futher along just befor vaughan

vaughan and portage can see the ivestors group tower and the skywalks above

and so i turned down vaughan but did not snap any pics except for this one

and so i went down vaughan and turned right onto york going the rong way down a 1 way lol to arive at memorial boulivard looking at the fountans donated by winnipeg hydro (since been bought out by mantiboa hydro)

heres the great west life conplex on osborn street right across from the ledge

The ledge across from great west life as you can see the golden boy faces north

just befor crossing the Osborn street bridge you look up and see these giant condo/apartment complexs from the 70's telling you are leaving downtown and heading into the vilige

crossing the Osborn street bridge

in the vilige

looking down Stradbrook

looking behind me we can see the vilig

continueing along threw the vilige

confusion corner

one of the confusion corner signs

cordan and pemida part of the confusion corner mess

now that we have come to confusion corner i make a right turn onto Pemida hyw off Osborn going south.

hmm have to come back and check this place out some day hmm


1.08 cdn L since when?

looking behind me

one of the many strip malls along pemida highway

gee a burnt out suzi ow

looking down grant from pemida

grant and pemida

hmm there seems to be alota this stuff going on this summer gues its cause its an election year

hmm time to cross over to the other side

looking back towards downtown..... can you see them?

after a 3 hour stop at my gr gr grandpa's hes 93 and was still riding his bike till he was 91 :cool: his mother lived to 104

we continue from this parking lot looking back towards downtown not to far away from the underpass

anyhow moving along not to far ahead is the pancake house a local institution
simlar to the wafle house east of the missippi

Aww a sev time for some snacks. no slurpees today folks just a eatmore and a botle of coke

continuing along are treck south

hey a post office

hmm nice garden along the front of this apartment building

hmm whats going on here?¿

looking west down biship grandon.

stay tuned for: Part3 B geting lost in ST Vital

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Dennis said:
oh man i love this cd :D

so, tell me, whats wrong with winnipeg?
haha the cd is classic man.
nothing just are politions at the civic level and at the provincial level

Part B will be out as soon as i upload all 86 images.....
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