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A bit of Brazil

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Maceio, a city in the coast of Brazil.

Maceio, seen from the plane.

Condos facing the beach.

Coastal avenues.


The sea.




Historic downtown.

Residential suburb of Maceio.

A church

Houses and streets.

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But those are only high-wealth areas wich represent a little minority of the country.
Yeah, a very small "bit" of Brazil! Looks nice though of course.

Btw, what does the thread have to do with our section? Are you from N&B? Perhaps this thread would do better in the world forums! :)
Perhaps you all should stop criticizing. :laugh: Just enjoy the pictures!
Maceio looks very lovely, would love to go there right now.
Very nice googled pics - but wrong forum!
I guess that's why the tread was called 'A bit of Brazil'. Lots of nice pictures, but where are the people? Are they hiding away like in South Africa?
^^ Yeh, they do. It's got nice places too but this is a super little bit small part of Brazil. Not everyone lives like the photos.
quite a cool postmodern building in the last photo! :eek:kay:
[am i serious or joking, don't know!]
Sprawl in Brazil





Guaruja, Sao Paulo.


Porto Alegre

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Berrini is the new financial area of Sao Paulo. Photo credits go to brazilian forumers at SSC Guttoo, Kashramm, tchello and RRC and are all available at threads in SSS Brazil.

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Maybe the idea of this thread being here is to warm you up a wee bit more guys!
Brazil is the world!

i live in Brazil, but where I live has no beach ...
Brazil has beautiful beaches and is a country currently in strong economic growth, the more I as Brazilian.
I must admit that things must change here ...
corruption as the country's biggest problem in my opinion...
other factors such as violence and education (lack of investment in the country) ...
but, the corruption is the true enemy of Brazil :bash:
What the heck is happening here?

Those pictures are all googled - some even without credits despite logos and names and they are posted by a person with no affiliation to The Nordics and Baltics...

I like Brazil a lot, but this is just PURE SPAM! :down:

I'm sure people interested are able to find the Brazilian or international forums.. this is NOT the right place for this!

So I surgest a lock on this! :lock:
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