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A little bit of pictures from my trip to Riga. I made no specific photo-tours, so the order of the pictures is a bit chaotic. I took pictures while promenading and running errands. I didn't take almost any pictures in the glamorous downtown area, though.

A bit of downtown

As in any self respecting Riga thread, I shall begin with a couple of pics from central Riga. Don't expect any more of those in this thread, though.

1. Old Gertrude church. A square on the crossing of Ģertrūdes and Baznīcas streets.

2. Busy entrance to the Art Museum on the museums' night.


A bit of Teika

I rediscovered Teika district for myself, and I like it very much. It comprises of mostly private housing, built between 1920 and 1940. Planning of the district is very human friendly. Teika is located several kilometers to the East of the central part of the city. It is located right next to the main street - Brīvības.

4. Functionalist cinema and apartments building on Teika's main square (Zemitāns' square).


6. Quite a lot of 30's apartment buildings around. Corner of Brīvības and Zemitāna square.

7. The whole Riga was in full bloom during my visit. Orchards in Teika were no exception.


9. Renovated 30's villa

10. Small town feel



13. One day the whole district will be renovated like this.

14. Small apartment building from late 1990's.


16. The red ugly building is the Academic Library.

17. Some newer houses in the background.

18. To me this looks like a picture from "Home & Garden" magazine :)



21. A friend of mine managed to get into picture... I do fail to have people in my pics usually...

22. Newer office architecture on the Southern edge of the district.

23. Nice building from 1920s. Western tip of Teika

24. Same intersection. Small town feel once again.

More to come...

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A bit of industrial Riga

Now a bit of sobering contrast to idyllic Teika.

25. Brīvības street outside city center with VEF factory buildings.

26. Main building of VEF factory, 1920s.

27. Closer look at older VEF buildings, built before 1914.

28. View from Vairogu street bridge towards northern industrial area

29. A bit of the same

30. Newer stuff in the area

Ok, enough with factories!

A bit of residential Riga

Pictures of apartment buildings and residential areas:

31. My favorite kiosk building in Riga (Miera street, North-East from downtown)

32. Some pre-1914 residentials, same area...

33. ... and their new neighbour


35. "Chocolate" and its splendid neighbour from late 30s.

36. "twins"

37. Newer apartment building in Purvciems commieblock district

38. Local crew playing street hockey against the backdrop of Astra lux

39. New apartments in Purvciems

40. Renovated commieblocks....

41. ... and their cousins

42. Another type of common commieblock in Riga

43. Dark functionalism on Valdemāra str., close to center. I wonder if these buildings were meant to be black and dark grey...?

44. Bad quality shot of Rietumu Banka with a mobile phone camera

... a bit more still to come ...

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@ch1|e: Yeah, there are enough buildings for at least one decent thread on Riga architecture of the inter-war period. I don't live in Riga now, so I won't be able to take such pictures for a while...

@Gatis: Interesting, to think of it, there is something "elite" about a black building. Goes well together with a cylinder and a grand piano. I still prefer lighter colors, though.

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Brace yourselves for more non-central stuff from Riga!

A bit of individual housing

45. Quite common type of urban villa in Latvia from the times of the Czar.

46. Decent functionalist family home in Purvciems

47. New homes near Dreiliņi. Paint still fresh.

48. Refreshingly modern private homes in the same area. Obviously the plots around are being developed (notice the sand mounds).

During the last decade or so, dozens of "villages" of individual homes have been constructed around Riga. Often they are built in the middle of the farmland, without much concern for availability of basic infrastructure.

I took a stroll through one of these "villages", on the Eastern periphery of Riga, close to Ulbroka and Dreiliņi districts. I think the "village" is called Saulīši, but I am not too sure.

49. Right in the middle of the field

50. Large houses, boring taste :(

51. Gravel roads leading to the properties... I wonder if they have running water there...

52. Countryside...

53. Some sectors are more organized and planned


Few more pics to come...

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A bit of Skanstes street district

While walking in this area I didn't have my camera with me, so had to make do using mobile phone.

55. Perfect railway overpass for S-Bahn!

56. Soviet industrial facilities - now offices

57. One of the first office developments in the 1990's. Not enough underground and multistory parking, too.

58. Krājbanka building

59. In case you didn't believe me :)

60. ... and its neighbours - lonely tree and Merks' highrise apartment development

A tiny bit of Āgenskalns

Riga has always had tiny "centers" away from the city center, Āgenskalns neighbourhood on the left bank of Daugava is clearly one of these local hubs.

61. The market building on the left is the focal point of the district.

62. A bit more functionalism

63. And a bit of 20's deco, too

64. Idyllic alleys from the turn of the 20th century


Well, that's it, folks!

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