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A bunch of CPH photos

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I just found this collection of Copenhagen photos on the net, that I thought would be worth sharing with you all.
All photos by:

We start out with a bunch of wintertime nightshots:

Skt. Hans Torv (St. Johns Square) in Nørrebro

Some place as above...

And again...

From the icy lakes.

Zooming in on "Søpavillionen" (The Lakepavillion), with the Codan Tower behind it.
The purple light comes from the constantly changing illumination (it's a disco/nightclub)

And even closer...

The neon lights at the Nørrebro side of the lakes.

The opposite side.

From "Gråbrødre Torv" (Grey Friars Square).

The City Hall Square. It must have been a REALLY cold winter night since the place is so deserted.

Axeltorv (Axel's Square) with the colorfull Palads Cinema.

An finally some people at the entrance to Vesterport S-station.

Central Station

Vesterbrogade looking towards the City Hall Square

And finally a part of the former Tuborg HQ, now it's some other offices but the giant rooftop-add has stayed... :)

End of part 1 (the nighshots)
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Ringil> Indeed :)

Very nice pictures! Looks very Copenhagenish :D
Nice pics! It looks deserted, but anyhow it was cold winter night.
I have to say that in nighttime CPH resembles HKI a lot. Buildings look different, but there's something distinctly downtown HKI-ish in the density and setting of the buildings. I don't know, maybe it's just darkness that does it...
thanks for sharing these pics tournesol!
amaaaaaazing...i can even feel the smell of the fresh-cold air..ahh
Very nice tournasol...keep stealing those
Beautiful! :cheers:
Now for part 2 of the photos:
A tour of the Carlsberg Brewery

Starting out at Vesterbro Torv with the Elias Church

Getting closer to the brewery. Here's the HQ tower seen behind a district with former brewery worker dwellings.
These days they are very popular (and expensive)

The 88m office tower.

Getting closer to one of the old gates...
Those were the days when industrial architecture really were given some attention. :)

The first of the two gates.

The second gate, known as "The elephant gate"

The first gate from the other side.

Notice the svastika on the side of the elephant. It used to be the company logo, untill somebody called Adolf spoiled it.

This is one of the oldest parts of the brewery.

Leaving the brewery across the railroad.

End of part 2
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I love that mini-skyscraper ... It has an awesome look .. too bad they didnt make it any taller :( ... well .. i guess 88m was tall back in the early 1960s when they built it .. oh well .. Great pictures tournesol :) Again :D I hope theres a part 3 to this series
This thing???

ha .. i dont think i could ever imagine that being a silo
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Yep, that thing, corn silo to be exact;) Re-opened as office building in 1997.

EDIT: The same with this one, it's just an appartment building now. Located very close to the Carlsberg HQ.
Wow.. thats pretty cool!
whikkid pics, that brewery i should visit if i get a chance, looks cool, i would never have guessed that the waters around cph froze during winter, anyways great thread :)
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