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A day downtown Norfolk in photos....

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I was visiting my mom in Virginia Beach this past weekend and decided to check out downtown Norfolk. Haven't really been down there since I lived there in the early 90's. It was a dramatic difference. Getting pretty nice down there. A ton cleaner than before also.

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Amazing super thread!!! I always liked seeing photos of Norfolk, but this is definitely the best collection I've seen so far :eek:kay:
been there before and i like this place beautifull shots
Nice photos, but why is there no one walking around?! Where is everyone?!
Thanks for all the compliments! Much appreciated! They have transformed that city in just 10-14 or so years. Congrats to them.
Nice photos, but why is there no one walking around?! Where is everyone?!
There weren't a ton of people out on Saturday. Don't know where they were. Maybe the beach?
And not a power line in sight (ok, just one, but still....).
Who knew? How expensive is it to live downtown? It's absolutely beautiful! I would not mind moving there when I graduate next May.
For those of you that enjoyed these photos, please check out my 3 page(thread) post of "A day downtown Atlanta in photos".
It's quite empty, I almost see no people! I think it's more bussy in my city.

Nice pics though! ;)
Norfolk is such a nice town! Great pictures! makes me want to go there soon. AND, now that you can get there non-stop from Nashville on Southwest Airlines, I may just do that!!!!
It has become nice!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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