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I recently visited Bristol, England's sixth biggest city for the first time.

It has a rich maritime past which has blessed it with lots of grand old buildings, sadly many were lost during the war and following years. However, in recent years there has been a vast amount of regeneration in the city, with bars, clubs, new shopping areas springing up together with general cityscape improvement schemes.

The city has a developed somewhat of a reputation for being arty and creative - a little bit 'different' - with the likes of graffiti artist Banksy being one of it's more famous sons.

I found it to be a vibrant, buzzing city - with a surprisingly big city centre which more than punches above its weight when compared with some of the UK's larger cities. From the main shopping district and old town, up to the exclusive heights of Clifton there was no end of things to see and do

I day really wasn’t enough but i think i got to see a good part of the city – i’ve crammed lots of pics into this thread – so you may want to get a cup of tea while they load....anyway enjoy (and comment ;) )...

We arrived in the main shopping district of the city, where there are a few large shopping centres/streets, Broadmead being one them..

The River Avon flows through the city and really makes it mark with the Avon gorge (seen later). I believe a large mixed use scheme is being built here with the facades being retained...

A derelict building...another site due for regeneration soon

Moving into the Old City with it's winding streets, smaller stores and markets..

St Nicholas Market...selling the usual mix of trinkets, 'trendy' clothing and food.....a very attractive couple of streets

The Guildhall (i think)

Now..a waterfront area with fountains, bars etc...

This tall building here looks like a reclad - they've done a very good job, good quality.

Bristol Cathedral..

I big reflective ball in Millennium Square, part of a Science museum i think..

the very grand Queen Square, restored to all it's glory..

I saw quite a few buildings of a similar style to this...i later found out it's a style unique to Bristol, known as 'Bristol Byzantine' (

St Peters church - just a hollow shell after being bombed during the war..

The graceful view up Park Street towards the university tower..

The view from Brandon Park...

The park has this pretty little building – Cabot Tower – sat at the top of the hill...

Another building in the Bristol Byzantine style..

The very impressive Queen’s Road...reminds me of Paris..

Moving on up to Clifton, the most affluent part of the city with some truly beautiful grand old architecture...

The elegant Clifton Suspension bridge, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel,

A shot of the observation tower in the neighbouring park...

And some final shots from the bridge as the sun was setting...


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Wow, stunning pictures. :cheers:
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