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I recently made a stopover in Jakarta on my way to Bali. Its not nearly as bad as some people have made it out to be. I especially liked the district with all the monuments/museums. Here's 19 photos (not all of them cityscapes) from my one day adventure. Have a look...

On the way to the airport in Hong Kong:

From the rooftop of my hostel at night:

From the rooftop of my hostel:

Rusty fence, just something that caught my eye:

Museum of Indonesia:

Hurts really suck:

Sweaty girls:

Shooting and Laughing:

Looking and Posing:

The Big Torch:

Torch and Sky:


View from the Torch:


Kota Historic District:

Jalan Jaksa Street Performers:

Eaten Alive:

Jakarta from the Plane:

Jakarta from the Plane II:

Hope you like what you saw. You can see more photos at my daily photoblog, the link is in the signature. Peace!

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Nice pics. Thanks for sharing them. The aerials look a bit like aerials of Tokyo.
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