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A Different View of Dallas

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Taken from Las Colinas today

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I've always wondered when someone was going to get up on that ridge and snap a pano of the skyline all the way up the platinum corridor. Nice job! The perfect vantage point for this same view is on the new north bound ramp onto 190 from 635. It eliminates the trees in your view. The only problem is, well, it's a freeway access ramp so good luck setting up a tripod there.
thanks guys!

ha, yeah for a split second there i thought about walking up that ramp in the pic, but my common sense got the better of me.
Awesome shot! did you take it from the hospital's parking lot?

yep, i took it on the patch of grass between the parking lot and the street. thats about the only view that isn't completely blocked by trees. over to the right is a mass amount of trees that blocks pretty much everything and on the left is the street. i wish i could have gone on top of the maintainence building, or whatever building that was. that would have been a perfect vantage point, but there were tons of security cameras everywhere :gaah:
I love pics of skylines from as far away as possible.......
citykid09 said:
Is that Fort Worth to the Left?
That's the Platinum Corridor that runs along the Dallas North Tollway from the 635/Tollway interchange on up through Plano and into Frisco (not seen in this shot). In this picture you can see the headquarters of FedEx Kinkos, Mary Kay, Pizza Hut, CompUSA, and Greyhound all along the Tollway.

Fort Worth is roughly 30 miles behind this picture.
Another great pano shot of downtown and North Dallas towards Plano/Frisco is off I-35 South entering onto GWB Turnpike in Lewisville/Carrollton, heading east.
The top of the ramp, before you enter the main lanes east bound, gives you a great view without trees or anything else in the way..and it shows downtown roughly 25 miles to the south and the Dallas N Tollway skyline about 10 miles ahead of you.
Another good spot is from McArthur Blvd. There's an oil change shop north of 635 on McArthur that right at the edge of a hill. You can set up shop there and probably get a great pano. If you can get up in any of the apartments up there you can get a similar shot as well.
It would be cool if someone could get the Las Colinas skyline in the picture
A while back, someone on here showed a picture that they took of Dallas and Fort Worth in the same picture.
^That's still an amazing picture.
Wow, DFW has hills. Last time I was there, I didn't remember it being that hilly.
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