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A Different View of Dallas

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Took this yesterday from Las Colinas.

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nice pic, any way to get one with the Las Colinas skyline in it
This pano gives you a good idea of how long the platinum corridor's series of midrises and highrises is. It also helps to dispell the myth that Dallas is mostly treeless prairie land.
great prairie: thanks... i'll have to reshoot it one of these days. it could be a while though...

The Great Hizzy!: yeah, i've always wanted to get a shot of all those buildings over there.

TexasStar: thank you sir :)
I've gotta get my ass up at 6am ever day this week....drag up to las colinas...yeah, i'm doin' the drywall at the new McDonald's up therr.
:lol: one of my favorite movies ever
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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