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here are some pictures from my drive along state route 1 in delaware. route 1 is a limited access expressway from the churchman's creek/metroform area near i-95 to just south of the dover air force base. the expressway, which has tolls, is a connector between wilmington and dover. u.s. route 13, a surface road with minimal traffic lights, also connects the two cities, but using that is a little slower because of cross traffic, development, and lower speeds.

south of dover, route 1 becomes a surface road with minimal cross streets. there are only a few traffic lights between dover and the beaches. around the milford area, the road temporarily chages into limited access again, to go around the town.

once route 1 intersects with u.s. route 9, there are many more traffic lights and development. before the road reaches the ocean at rehoboth beach, you'll drive by many outlet malls, strip malls, gas stations, etc. this stretch of the road is the typical suburban commercial road that any city has. i guess it's one last attempt to get tourists' money before they drive back up to wilmington or pennsylvania.

when the road reaches rehoboth beach, it parallels the ocean. route 1 separates the ocean from rehoboth bay and indian river bay along most of this stretch. also along this stretch, route 1 is the only road that runs north/south. the area is somewhat built up, especially in the towns like dewey beach or fenwick island or other communities, but there are also large stretches of road where it goes through state parks or undeveloped areas, and all you see is breath-taking scenery.

i've posted this picture once already, but i decided to post it again to give you an idea of what the area is like as route 1 parallels the beach in the southernmost part of the state.

barratt's chapel, located outside of the town of frederica. frederica is known as "the cradle of methodism in america", because methodism began to take roots from england in frederica and the state of delaware before spreading out around the country.

looking at the barratt's chapel cemetery, located next to the old church.

some farmland near frederica.

a c-5 plane takes off from dover air force base and it flies over the little hamlet called little heaven. the c-5 planes are huge; they look about the size of a 767 or something similar.

farmland near little heaven.

marshland south of the city of dover.

farmland southeast of dover.

you might remember when a c-5 plane crash made national headlines. here's the wreckage from the crash, being cleaned up. notice that the plane is in large chunks; the plane is designed to break off into several pieces during a crash, with the cockpit and nose, body, each wing, and tail and rear each separating from each other. as you can see this is what happened, and as a result no one was injured in the crash.

dover downs speedway, where a couple nascar races are held each year. this is the back portion of the stadium, which seats 110,000 or so.

approaching the cable-stay bridge that crosses over the chesapeake & delaware canal.

looking north from the crest of the bridge. some neighborhoods are in the foreground, and iron hill, located just south of newark, is visible in the distance.


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I love that cable-stay. I remember getting on that road at Biddles and having one of those "oh shit" moments when I realized I could have stayed on Rte. 13 a little longer and avoided a $1 toll. Stupid Streets&Trips. Oh well, live and learn.
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