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A few random shots of London

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Just some random photos for your enjoyment :)

Oxford Street and centre Point tower seen from the entrance of Marble Arch tube station

Entrance of the underground tube station

A funky Chinese restaurant in Soho :cheers:

Trafalgar Square

Parliament towers

Getting closer

Going towards Vauxhall station and leaving the Parliament on the right

The next day, somewhere in West End

Oxford Street again

Oxford Circus

Few days later. Vauxhall Station and Eurostar train heading towards Waterloo station

Westminster underground tube station

Big Ben and other random shots around the Parliament

Westminster Abbey

Abbey towers, built only in the 18th century (if I'm not mistaken)

All for now :)
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Your confusing Westminster Abbey with Westminster Cathedral. Westminster Abbey (the pictures you posted) are of the building which was started from 1245 and final additions being completed in 1517 in the Gothic style (not neo-gothic like the nextdoor Palace of Westminster.

Although when Prince Albert (husband of Queen Victoria) died in 1861, there was a proposal to build a 150m+ tall memorial tower (far larger than Big Ben) inbetween Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster which would have been immense had it been built. Also to ensure that the design was not so dominating, a third tower would have been added on to Westminster Abbey to distribute "the load".

The never-built Albert Memorial

You can however see the very grand memorial to Prince Albert across the road from the Royal Albert Hall.

The actual Albert Memorial

Westminster Cathedral was completed in 1903 after decades of construction and is built in the style of Byzantine (ie looks more like the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul than an atcual cathedral) is pretty impressive. Its coloured in red and white bricks and various domes.

Westminster Cathedral
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LOL I miss-read what you wrote ;)

I got so caught up in the class pics that I thought you said that the Abbey had not been built until the 18th century :lol:
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