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Spring has finally arrived here, so I went on a little mountain bike tour into the hills of Vienna's 19th district. On my way back I also snapped some photos along the Danube and Danube Canal.


This "mountain" was my first destination - the Kahlenberg (484 meters).


The trail offered some amazing views of Vienna's skyline.


Looking the other way, we can see the skyline of the Wienerberg city in the South.


After by-passing the tourists on Kahlenberg, my next stop was Leopoldsberg, which is a little lower, but the view is even more beautiful.


One can even catch a glimpse of Klosterneuburg, which is famous for its monastery.


After an enjoyable ride down, we are back at the Danube, close to where the official mountainbike trail starts.
Here we can see Leopoldsberg and the church on top.


Facing the other way, we can see the skyline of the Donaucity. Actually, the first building on the left (Florido Tower) is not part of the Donaucity cluster and a little further north.


Because of the nice weather, I couldn't help it and had to make a quick detour onto the Nordbrücke - Vienna's northernmost bridge across the Danube.
Here we can see the Millenium Tower (Vienna's tallest building) as a rather new train of the S45 suburban rail line approaches it's terminus at the tower.


To get back home, I now had to ride through a pretty massive interchange (massive in its footprint, at least in Austria - so don't come back at me with the High Five :tongue2: )
In this photo we can see the tower of the heating plant in Spittelau, which was designed by a famous Austrian artist - Friedensreich Hundertwasser.


And the last photo for today shows another part of the interchange.


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I like the view to look the city skyline faraway , especially on a hill -these pics show the way , very great !

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I have heard many great things about Vienna. People call it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. However, I have yet to see truely impressive photographs of it that really capture its spirit and feel. Perhaps my expectations from this city are too high. Or perhaps there are too few threads about Vienna. This is not to say that pictures in this thread are not good. It is just that these photos make the city look a bit too average. They don't capture its uniqueness. I would love to see more street level photos as well as illustrations of its architecture.
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