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The missus and I went up to NYC for the memorial day long weekend. Its spring at present and the city looks pretty good. We took
the 'Chinatown' bus from Chinatown in DC to Penn station in NYC. Only US $35 return!

The interior of a 'C' line subway train with a passenger who missed his stop.

A walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Woolworth Building, completed in 1913 (241 meters).

Ground Zero. The site of the WTC is now the construction site for the Freedom Tower (341 meters). Expected completion is 2010.

Wall Street

Grand Central Station

The Rockefeller Centre. This is a massive complex that was constructed in the middle of the city during the 1930's depression.

The view from the Rockefeller Centre Observation Deck

The art deco entrance to the Rockefeller Centre

Times Square


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Amazing pics indeed , one of the best threads on Big Apple , the metropolis's colour is reflected by your shots , more please and aerials pics will be most welcome , and thanks for sharing !
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