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A Q about moving to Alberta

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I've really done a big turn around since finding these forums. I think that I wouldn't mind checking out Alberta for a while. The only thing is I wouldn't want to do a job I could do here. I've been looking at basic jobs in the oil industry. Jobs such as "Driller Helper" or "Rig Hand." I've spent the past few hours looking over mountains of info and it is a little confusing. I know you need First Aid, WHMIS, H2S, TDG and a drivers license.

It seems there are a ton of agencies to help but I am a little weary about giving my money to a company in another province that may or may not come through. Anyone know if there really are a lot of these types of (unskilled) jobs available? And if so do you know anyone who has one and how they got it? Again I have no formal education or experience relevant to this kind of job.

I apologize if this is too far off topic. If so I'll get all my info through other sources but would really appreciate any advice.
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when I got to Alberta , I phoned people in the phone book. I was offered tons of jobs.
If your in B.C. and want help with your drilling tickets: 1 866 330 7233 , Pacific Rim Drilling . They come to different cities and teach . I went through them for H2S
( 200.00$) and 8 hours.
I know a friend of mine took a course in Nisku (industrail park bordering Edmonton). I think he paid $1000 for everything but you get a job for sure and its 6 figures a year working on the rigs. Its tough work I should warn you from what I hear but great money for a while. By the way the course was a month long from what I recall so its basically bring enough money to live one month and a half. After that at the rigs you get food and accomadations. Plus within 2 weeks working up there you get your first cheque.

By the way if your looking to work on the rigs etc then I would suggest coming to Edmonton. Its basically the launching point for all that kind of work. Its probably the best bet to come here and then find a course if you need one. All you have to do is go to Nisku and its done. Hell you can hit Nisku on the way into the city (the Edmonton airport is there and not within city limits). I would not worry about getting a job thats fairly easy to get as is a place to stay.
Wow. That's fantsatic! Thank you both so much for that. If this is still true then it's pretty much a done deal for me. I started to get really disappointed last night. What an amazing chance to get to know a totally different part of Canada. Thanks again.
yeah they offered me the option to take that 1000.00$ course as well , and my father in Law ( who is a drilling consultant ) told me it was a waist of time and money.
HAHAHA Rhino i love ur sig!
So how do you find a job in the oil mines, do you scour the classifieds for ads, or do you just register for one of those training courses and they find you the job?
Mamino Zlato said:
So how do you find a job in the oil mines, do you scour the classifieds for ads, or do you just register for one of those training courses and they find you the job?
Scour the classifieds for ads? For the oil sands!? No way, they are practically rolling out the red carpet for workers. You can probably just register for a short training course and be in the field quickly.

No need to scour at all, the labour shortages in this province are EVERYWHERE. I would have a summer job already myself if I wasn't picky. Pretty much, if it pays less than $10-$12 an hour, then it's a no-go. Minimum wage isn't impossible to find, since nobody makes that little.
Ok so basically all I need to do is, come to Alberta, take one of those courses (how long do they take to complete?), and then I am pretty much guaranteed a job in the oil mines?

The reason I'm interested in this, is because I'll be completing my undegraduate this winter, and I'm trying to go to graduate school after that, but I won't be able to afford tuition or living expenses, so I need a job first for about two or three years with which I'll make enough money in that short time to cover my living expenses and tuition for about three years.

What about living expenses, I heard that in Alberta apartments and houses cost way more than in other parts of Canada, is that true?
I'm not sure about the length of the programs, but you are guaranteed a job. A tough one, but a guaranteed one.

As for the housing costs... yes they are rising and fast but it's still not as expensive as Toronto or Vancouver. Average cost of a house in Calgary went from around $208 000 to over $325 000 in a few months. I'm not sure about rents.
Alberta is getting pricy but the taxes are still the lowest in country and there is no PST.
Also it is no where even remotly close to the housing prices of BC.
Vancouver particularily but litteraly the whole province's housing costs are outrageously high.
BC is nice but you pay dearly for the privlege. The standard of living is much higher in Alberta.
They don't say BC stands for "bring cash" for nothing.
Sorry, when I was answering I meant the reply for Mamino Zlato not you Boris.
New affordability chart in the Globe today.
In terms of PRE-tax income your housing costs will take up 42% in Van, 39% Vic, 25% Mon, 23% Tor, 20% Cal, and just 13% in the Peg.
This is inspite of the fact that most Vancouver condos are VERY small and the houses {for some godforsaken reason} have no basements so you get only half the square footage.
the course I took was only 8 hours. Pretty quick and the guy handed out a sheet with names of drilling out fits on it . But here I'll just give you a start .

Advance Drilling Ltd.
603, 100 - 4 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3N2
Ph: (403)232-8321
Fax: (403)263-6266

Akita Drilling Ltd.
2302 - 8 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 7Z2
Ph: (780)955-6700
Fax: (780)955-6728

Ammonite Drilling Ltd.
A, 224 - 7A Street NE
Calgary, AB T2E 4E8
Ph: (403)234-9309
Fax: (403)266-5756

Beaver Drilling Ltd.
2003 – 76 Ave.
Edmonton, AB T6P 1P6
Ph: (780)436-6950
Fax: (780)436-3630

Becker Drilling Inc.
Box 5328
Airdrie, AB T4B 2T9
Ph: (403)912-9364
Fax: (403)912-0455

Big Sky Drilling Ltd.
P. O. Box 659
Oxbow, SK S0C 2B0
Ph: (306)483-5132
Fax: (306)483-2937

Brinkerhoff Drilling 2000 Inc.
500, 500 - 5 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3L5
Ph: (403)261-8668
Fax: (403)261-8771

Camaro Drilling Ltd.
8, 4101 - 19 Street NE
Calgary, AB T2E 7C4
Ph: (403)250-2431
Fax: (403)291-4852

Champion Drilling Ltd.
1 Tree Road
Brooks, AB T1R 1B9
Ph: (888)362-4499
Fax: (403)362-6165

Chinook Drilling
2410, 520 - 5 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3R7
Ph: (403)269-2612
Fax: (403)263-4015

Drillers Technology Corp.
226 East Lake Rd NE
Airdrie, AB t4A 2J8
Ph: (403)948-1317
Fax: (403)948-1703

Eagle Drilling Services Ltd.
Carlyle, SK

Encore Coring & Drilling Inc.
1345 Highfield Cres SE
Calgary, AB T2G 5N2
Ph: (403)287-0123
Fax: (403)243-6158

Ensign Drilling Partnership
2000 – 5 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 7X3
Ph: (780)955-8808
Fax: (780)955-7208

Excalibur Drilling Ltd.
PO Box 2189
490 Canal Street
Brooks, AB T1R 1C8
Ph: (403)793-2092
Fax: (403)793-2094

Freedom Drilling Ltd.
Box 425
Standard, AB T0J 3G0
Ph: (403)644-2950
Fax: (403)644-2957

Hoizon Drilling Inc.
1807 - 8 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 7S8
Ph: (780)955-5051
Fax: (780)955-5056

Impact Drilling Ltd.
5613 Len Thompson Dr.
Lacombe, AB T4L 2H3
Ph: (403)782-8500
Fax: (403)782-8501

Jade Drilling
Arrow Drilling
1511 – 10 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 8C5
Ph: (780)955-5500
Fax: (780)955-5510

Jomax Drilling (1988)Ltd.
9411 – 37 Ave.
Edmonton, AB T6E 5N4
Ph: (780)462-4740
Fax: (780)462-4742

Kinnell Drilling Ltd.
530, 1000 - 8 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 3M7
Ph: (403)216-5700
Fax: (403)216-5710

Nabors Drilling
Box 1006
902 – 20 Ave.
Nisku, AB T9E 8A8
Ph: (780)955-2381
Fax: (780)955-5227

Pantera Drilling Inc.
1770, 700 - 6 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 0T8
Ph: (403)515-8400
Fax: (403)515-8405

Phelps Drilling Co.
1306 – 8 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 7M1
Ph: (780)955-7777
Fax: (780)955-7773

Precision Drilling
1513 – 8 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 7S7
Ph: (780)955-7922
Fax: (780)955-7067

Quintera Drilling Ltd.
P. O. Box 1408
Brooks, AB T1R 1C3
Ph: (403)501-3704
Toll: (877)501-3704
Fax: (403)501-3705

Red Dog Drilling Inc.
1837 Alice Road
Estevan, SK S4A 1G7
Ph: (306)634-8311
Fax: (306)634-8360

Schmidt Drilling L.P.
R. R. 2, Site 16, Box 16
Ponoka, AB T4J 1R2
Ph: (403)783-5720
Fax: (403)783-8393

Stoneham Drilling Inc.
Bay 2, 2104 – 7 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 7Y2
Ph: (780)955-4242
Fax: (780)955-4757

Technicoil Corporation
1801 Broadway Ave.
Redcliff, AB T0J 2P0
Ph: (403)509-0702
Fax: (403)509-0701

Tempco Drilling Company Inc.
1008 – 14 Ave.
Nisku, AB T9E 8J5
Ph: (780)955-5537
Fax: (780)955-2008

Terracore Specialty Drilling Ltd.
205 Ellis Drive,
53016 Hwy 60
Acheson, AB T7X 5A7
Ph: (780)668-4732
Fax: (780)960-4888

Terroco Drilling Ltd.
PO Box 10, Site 14 RR 1
Red Deer, AB T4N 5E1
Ph: (403)346-1171
Fax: (403)346-9720

Trailblazer Drilling Corp.
106 Elbow Drive NE
Redcliff, AB T0J 2P0
Ph: (403)580-1899
Fax: (403)580-2671

Tri-City Drilling Ltd.
2 Flr, 2000 – 5 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 7X3
Ph: (780)955-3311
Fax: (780)955-3301

Trinidad Drilling Ltd.
Bear Drilling
Saturn Drilling
Wilson Drilling
3059 – 4 Street
Nisku, AB T9E 8L1
Ph: (780)955-2003
Fax: (780)955-9360

Western Lakota Energy Services
1704 – 5 Street
Leduc, AB T9E 7T4
Ph: (780)955-7535
Fax: (780)955-7087

Xtreme Coil Drilling Corp.
1402, 500 - 4 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2P 2V6
Ph: (403)262-9500
Fax: (403)262-9522

Oh just check this :)
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